Lord Talandar is a Xelaque worthy of great note. He is considered to be the most dangerous spellcaster in all of Haven, and is known to carry the title of ‘Warwizard’. He fought bravely in recent battles during the conflict against The Pale Ones in Verath, and is believed to have used his powerful magic to extend his life to the point that some believe him to be truly immortal. Lord Talandar is known to only have one apprentice, an adventurer from Northwatch, called Westmir.


Little is known about Warwizard Talandar other than one day he simply appeared and was able to unite the Houses of the Under Realm in coming to the surface in defeating the Forsaken and establishing Haven. For a time he reigned as the Baron of Haven until he resigned his position to King Vol at the Winter Festival in 2008 R.S.

He was an ally of King Kajorelle in the war between Kajorelle and Falion the Red. Though he left Haven for a time, he has since been welcomed back into their ranks.

Currently he is helping the Xelaque in reclaiming the Under Realm from the Dirt Dwarves.

Additional Information

“Malla Talandar is fond of fruited rum, and should be provided with such on social occasions when ever possible.” -Myzra Neh’lar



Name: Talandar Il’lithoriel

Titles: Former Baron of Haven
Race: Xelaque
Profession: Warwizard

OOG-Played By: James Bernard
OOG-First Played: 12/27/2007
OOG-Last Played:
OOG-Active?: Yes
OOG-Contact Info: jamesbernard7@hotmail.com