June, 212PB

People of Terath,

We find ourselves the targets of alarming sabotage. Since yesterday late afternoon, poison seeps from the sea itself inland. Wildlife and men are falling prey to the contamination at an alarming pace. The High Queen bids you guard yourselves and your livelihoods: check your well water for purity, drink not from streams feeding the mighty rivers unless you can purify it. Dam the rivers that lead to the sea. At this time, the reservoirs of the mountainous countries and the rainwater appear untainted, but be vigilant. Citizens, appeal to your nobility to address the possibility of a shortage. Cities without access to clean water may petition the High Queen directly.

The vile things of the deep wage war upon Terath, but we are united in our opposition and prepared to defend ourselves against the threat of the Father of All.

For the glory of Terath,

Stazia Gedea

Scribe to His Grace Hector Pretia of Chindius,

on behalf of the High Queen of Terath

June, 212PB

White Knights of Terath,

By now, it is likely that you have heard of the devastating attack upon the Ebran town of Hortrellis by the demon lord currently known only as Baphomen. To be certain, this is a matter of great concern. We will need to be stalwart in our attempts to combat this demon, and vigilant in our efforts to prevent further encroachment from The Abyss.

Yet there is another powerful and immediate threat which seems to endanger a greater number of our people. Reports indicate that The Father of Monsters is somehow responsible for the poisoning of many of our sources of fresh water – a corruption which is only becoming direr with each passing day.

Brothers and Sisters – there is great need for your aid. The powers of purification offered by The White Knight path are quickly becoming the greatest hope for purifying vast quantities of water in the centers of civilization throughout Terath.

If you are able to lend aid towards this cause, I ask that you contact myself, or Lord Knight Jacen Yabesh of The King’s Lands. We are working together to rally sufficient support from across all of Terath, and will begin making arrangements with the monarchs and nobles of the many kingdoms immediately, in the hopes of organizing our combined efforts in a way that will serve to provide the greatest amount of aid to as many people as possible. Lord General Gilrandir Galathule of The Falconcrest Kingdom has already begun asking our Druidic allies for aid in this matter as well, and we would urge any with friends or contacts amongst the druids to seek out for information and assistance in battling this plight.

Honor Above All,

Sir Xefrom Venai, The Morning Sword

High Lord of Falconcrest

June, 212PB

By order of his Majesty King Severius and the ruling counsel of Narovo:

The borders of the nation are closed effective immediately. All non-citizens must be prepared to leave the country within the week or they may lose the opportunity to do so.

Hazara Mi’ere

June, 212PB

The legendary Elentari Warrior King, Satana Akida of Myzentius, has travelled to the Broken City in The King’s Lands to visit the High Court of Terath. Court whispers and tavern talk indicate that he has been spending many mornings in private discussions with Duke Christopher Vendracis and his advisors.

Rumors suggest that their private discussions revolve around the coming dangers presented by The Father of Monsters, as well as more domestic concerns involving unrest and revolt within the borders of Myzentius.

Reports of disorder and rebellion from the mountainous south-eastern region of Myzentius have been attributed to a number of unaligned and independent warlords grasping for power. These warlords, whose territories lie mostly within sight of the lofty mountains known as the Peaks of Adjua, are attempting to forge their own small kingdoms in the chaos following the Draconic Domination of Terath, and amidst the fear generated by the rumor of coming dangers from the sea.

June, 212PB

By order of King Roivas Gilbereth of Ethlinspire:

The Ethlin borders are hereby closed to non-citizens. Orcs, Parthan and Thorgg will be expelled immediately. Other non-elves will be forcibly expelled should they be found within the city after the space of one week. His Majesty regrets having to take such drastic action, even temporarily, and calls for understanding during these trying times. We appeal to Her Majesty the High Queen to take the situation in Narovo to heart and act with all haste to defend her subjects from the treachery on our flank.

Baroness Callisthene Gilbereth of Ceridwin

on behalf of his Majesty the King

June, 212PB

Rumors indicate that the Kingdom of Falconcrest has somehow obtained a magical artifact of significant power, appearing to be a glass or crystalline egg. The Falconcrest Sage is said to be examining this artifact with considerable caution, believing that this artifact will soon be used to greatly enrich all the denizens of the Falconcrest Kingdom, from the highest lords to the most common shepherds.

July, 212PB

News has spread far and wide, detailing the terrible destruction of two of the mighty fleets belonging to the navy of Hadrianus. The 8th Company has been destroyed in its entirety, along with the majority of the 9th Company. Military councils across Terath have convened to speak of a great whirlpool which has formed to the South East of Vallis Bay, resulting in the destruction of these two fleets, which had been scouting the seas for signs of Typhon’s influence. To the horror of sailors everywhere, this great whirlpool is not the result of a vast storm or natural disaster, but is instead the manifestation of power which has been brought to bear by The Father of Monsters.

July, 212PB

Rumors have begun to circulate regarding small points of purification across Terath; tiny havens from the poisonous influence of The Father of Monsters. Stories claim that a Master Druid of The Arcadian Grove has appeared in over a score of different locations ranging from Chindius to Westerland, and even including Narovo and Ethlinspire. Wherever this druid is sighted, small regions are suddenly blanketed in wave of druidic energy which cleanses the poison from the surrounding land.

However, the areas of safe-haven are naught but infinitesimal points of light in a vast, dark sea of corruption and death. The protection and safety offered by these regions of purity has given many people hope, but a true solution to this blight of poison still seems far out of reach for the great majority of Terath’s people.

July, 212PB

Duke Vendracis, Steward of Rhoum and current ruler of The King’s Lands, has left The Broken City with a small contingent of soldiers and is en route to the Kingdom of Myzentius. Rumors claim that the Duke is attempting to facilitate a meeting with the leaders of various independent splintering factions within Myzentius in order to offer aid, to organize mercenary efforts in the struggle against The Father of Monsters, and to reinforce King Akida’s dominion over the independent warlords attempting to claim their own territory within the Kingdom of Myzentius.

August, 212PB

Political ambassadors of Lairroth representing the nation of Nadrak have been sighted in the Hadrian City of Vita, appealing for an audience with Queen Embla and The Synod of Five. Rumors claim that one of the Lord Generals of the Nadraki Army has accompanied these ambassadors with over one hundred soldiers; having traveled to Terath to offer their aid in the struggle against the Father of Monsters.

August, 212PB

Rumors fly around Terath that demons have secured a stronghold around the Ruins of Kvu’ul. While Ebrus is remaining quiet on the situation, many peasants have fled the southron portions of the country seeking safer quarters.

It is being said that a Great Vampire is visiting the circles of life in Terath, enhancing them with Abyssal magic. Rumors state that all should be wary of this very powerful, ancient being.

Rumors state that the borders to Dragonheld have been closed to outsiders.

August, 212PB

Shouts of celebration reach far and wide telling of a great battle with a vast and mighty Herald of Typhon in the eastern territories of Myzentius. Stories claim that the creature, known as Hephaestion, was a moving mountain of magma and flame, well over one hundred feet tall. His small army of burning golems met in battle with military forces from Chindius, Hadrianus, Falconcrest, The King’s Lands, and The Argent Tide; all fighting alongside the various mercenary companies of Myzentius.

Rumors and tavern-talk claim that many well-known figures of Terath participated in the battle first-hand. Witnesses report having seen Alaver of The Arcadian Grove, King Akida of Myzentius, King Aleric Falconcrest, Master Elxa of Ethlinspire, Lord Talandar of Haven, Lord Knight Tristan of Falconcrest, Lord Jacen Yabesh of The King’s Lands, and even the exiled Falion ‘The Red’ upon the field of battle. A few story-tellers fervently claim that the ancient dragon Cureanon took to the field as well, although this last detail is believed to be naught but fancy and hearsay by most.

The specifics of this great battle are still being sorted, but there seems to be little debate over the final outcome – Victory!. Hephaestion, Herald of Typhon, has been laid low upon the slopes of the Myzentian Peaks of Adjua.

August, 212PB

Rumors of destruction and mayhem in the northeast spread like lightning across the continent. A series of explosions has rocked the coastal regions in the north of Chindius.

Pigeons fly across Terath from the Hadrian capital ship, carrying only one message:

Typhon’s armies are upon us. Ethlinspire has fallen.

Missives from the embattled area claim that the elven city-state has sunk beneath the waves.

August, 212PB

In the wake of the devastation in Ethlinspire, news of a massing army on the northern border of The King’s Lands has become the dire topic of conversation throughout the northern and central kingdoms of Terath.

Military forces stationed in King’s Lands have suddenly come under attack by a growing horde of monstrous creatures streaming across the borders of Narovo, and crawling up from the waters which have submerged the kingdom of the elves. The invading army has begun an assault against numerous watch towers and defensive garrisons meant to protect the north-most territories.

While this horde of beasts and monsters is not yet great enough to present a true threat to the kingdom as a whole, reports claim that additional tribes of monstrous creatures seem to be answering Typhon’s call by the hour; joining the terrifying force as it begins its dreadful march south.

August, 212PB

Terath has long shouldered the weight of political schism and turmoil. Civil strife has kept us divided, but the time for such machinations has passed. War is upon all of us–friends and allies have already lost everything. Unless we stand together, our strength will falter and fail us.

Monsters, betrayers, and the earth itself are arrayed against us. If you have never been brave, now is the time to find your courage. If you have never raised a weapon or channeled a spell, now is the time to champion good in defense of your homes, your families, and your countries. If you have never been a soldier, you are now a soldier.

We call you to arms, Terath. For Narovo, and Ethlinspire, and all the honorable fallen who have died in our defense. To arms!

Embla Vanir

High Queen of Terath

Idris Vestrit, Admiral of the Southwatch Navy

Garrick Shaw, General of Westerland

Silmarwen Earfalas, Sheriff of Falconguard

Master Albion May of Chindius

Joseph Nelson, Honorable Grand Judge of Ebrus

Master Vassar Mi’ere of Narovo

as sanctioned by her esteemed majesty, Queen Octavia

a Circle of Seven, united in friendship, united in purpose

August, 212PB

The ever-growing armies of Typhon continue to gather in the North, moving South and West in what appears to be a relentless march toward The Broken City, the once capital of the now shattered empire of Terath.

Duke Vendracis has given orders to the local nobility in the northern King’s Lands to marshal their forces and gather all available militia to be organized for the greater defense of the nation.

In its wake, the monstrous force leaves a great swath of destruction, which has caused a number of lesser nobles to ignore the commands of the Duke, leading small forces of their own into direct conflict with the army of monsters in hopes of protecting their endangered homes. Thus far, such attempts have resulted in the near-total annihilation of the defending militia; only serving to slow the encroaching army by a day or two at most.

Reports indicate that military forces from The Kingdom of Falconcrest, and mercenary bands loyal to King Akida of Myzentius have begun working in cooperation with Duke Vendracis to protect his people. These additional scouts and mercenaries have primarily served to aid in evacuations, or to exterminate small bands of monstrous creatures before they have the opportunity to join the greater mass of the army.

To add tension and danger to a situation which is already turning dire – naval officers and seaside scouts have reportedly sighted small formations of great sharks swimming alongside grotesque bipedal sea-creatures near The Great Bay in Westerland and Vallis Bay in Hadrianus. There is little doubt that these fiends are servants of The Father of Monsters.