April, 212PB

We call for a gathering of all ritual casters and poweful magi loyal to the Kingdom of Haven. We call for those Spell-Weavers willing to give of their own essence and strength, and those brave enough to find allies amongst the many families, great and small, which are the foundation of our land.

A meeting is to be held within the City of Vol on the 3rd day of April, to discuss ancient magic, and to offer a worthy prize to those who commit themselves to our cause.

Seneschal Celene

Matron of House Shin

Kingdom of Haven

April, 212PB

Word has come from the north of a mighty undertaking within the heart of the Falconcrest kingdom.

Nobles, magi, and commoners from all the kingdoms of Terath have gathered along the banks of the great river which flows through the kingdom of Falconcrest. The spectacle which they have come to witness defies description, leaving the spectators in breathless awe at the ancient ritual power being harnessed before their eyes.

On a large isle which rests in the center of the mighty river, an ancient elven artifact has been awakened through the use ritual magic. Where once stood the worn stones of an old ruin amidst high grasses, rocky outcroppings, and small groves of deciduous trees – a great transformation is taking place.

At the direction of those casting the ritual, a vast and sprawling citadel is slowly taking form. Pillars of shimmering stone rise, growing from the earth alongside spires and towers which first appear only as patterns of ethereal light. Great deep swaths of shifting earth transmute to form sewers, cellars, and other underground structures. And two mighty bridges slowly manifest themselves, spun into existence from threads of crystalline power.

It seems as if the process will take days before it is finally complete. The ritual casters responsible for summoning this creation can be heard chanting their words of power, but halt these incantations far before the small city has fully manifested. Yet when their chanting ends, Rhoum The Peacekeeper, High Lord Venai, Lady Claire, and the Falconcrest Sage each seem to alternate between resting, and carefully guiding the progress of the transformation.

May, 212PB

Today the inhabitants of the western coasts of Terath witness an ominous portent. The Hadrian capital ship, having disembarked from the large port-system of Westerland with its accompanying longships, seemed to meet some sort of trouble with an unseen assailant just outside the country’s coastal waters. General Shaw quickly ordered the remnants of Westerland’s navy to their aid. As dusk fell, the sounds of the great sea battle were drowned out by a low, unnatural keening noise, and for the space of an hour the waves that crashed upon the shores of Westerland were red with blood.

May, 212PB

A caravan of gypsies were found dead in the northern reaches of the Falconcrest Kingdom. Of the 14 members of the caravan only 3 returned safely through the circle. No account as to what happened could be learned from the shaken trio. The bodies of the remaining 11 members of the Rateski family were found with their necks slit open and their bodies placed in a ritualistic fashion. A letter was recovered from the massacre with the following message:

“Your people will know true pain and sorrow when I am finished with you. Until you bring me the head of the ‘Chain Breaker’ I will continue to slaughter your people one helpless caravan at a time.

-Obrus Shadowheart

Gypsies from all across Terath mourn for the loss of Juliana Rateski and her husband, notable for their kindness throughout Terath and their ability to place smiles on all they met. Magistrate Jonathan Gables of Feldon’s Crossing in Chindius had this to say:

“Juliana and her husband Rico were close friends to me and mine. They would do nothing to cause mischief and always would come to our aid if ever we were in need. I saw their family grow from simple nomads into something proud and noble. Their loss truly is something to be missed.

I don’t know who this Obrus person is, but they have made an enemy of Feldon’s Crossing. We will stop at nothing to bring this person to justice.”