Located in the merchant district of the Citadel, capital of the Falconcrest Kingdom, is a quaint tavern and inn known simply as “The Shadow’s Wing”.
Previously a spacious residence awarded to the dark elf, Xukkuth d’ Barra, for a claimed bounty, it has been re-purposed as a place of leisure and rest. Far from the most popular, large, or well-equipped tavern in the great city, the establishment still limps along with its own odd assortment of dedicated regulars and enterprising merchants visiting the city.

Despite its small business stature, The Shadow’s Wing has one unique claim to fame: Xukkuth d’ Barra, the veteran adventurer and former Legionnaire of the now-ruined outpost of Falconguard, owns and manages the tavern. Each night, some hopeful patrons will populate the bar, waiting to see if the strange dark elf will make an appearance and offer a tale or two of his adventures, a welcome distraction to the bored and weary.

It is said that the reputation of Xukkuth d’ Barra seems to attract some strange visitors to his place, beside the typical rank and file of the bustling city. The Shadow’s Wing is known as an ideal place for secret meetings, discrete conversations, and even sketchy business dealings. Privacy and secrecy is certainly a primary concern of the young Tavernkeep, for it is said that Xukkuth himself stages meetings with many unique individuals for mysterious matters in his establishment, maintaining old acquaintances and relationships beside dingy glasses and fine alcohol.

The inside of the tavern has a genuine adventurer’s flair; weaponry, artifacts, and various knick-nacks of days long past fill empty spaces on the walls and side tables. It is rumored that these items of intrigue have been collected from all the reaches of the world – everywhere from Terath to Lairroth, even an odd blasted stone whispered to be from the Abyss itself.

While The Shadow’s Wing and the word “profitable” wouldn’t exactly be used appropriately in the same sentence, Xukkuth and a mysterious silent partner keep the inn running, sometimes using their own wealth to re-invigorate the establishment.