The Scion Kobayashi is a powerful Ritual Caster and Arcanist who was brought into contact with the adventurers of Falconguard due to a case of mistaken identity, and the efforts of High Lord Xefrom Venai, of Falconcrest. Gruff and reclusive, plagued by physical ailments, Kobayashi nonetheless is an ally to the adventurers and was instrumental in eliminating the magical plague from the borders of Westerland.



Though contacted by Sir Venai at an earlier time, most of the PCs met Kobayashi when seeking components for a powerful ritual. He instructed them to retrieve the components from the prison of the Woman in the Web. The PCs later discovered that the woman was Kobayashi’s wife, sentenced to the torturous cavern by Baron Kajorelle for raising her son from the dead.

Since her death, Kobayashi lives a hermetic life in rural Westerland with his studies and his bird as company. During the plague he was rescued by Alpha and briefly inhabited the western of the Twin Towers on the border with Ebrus.

Additional Information


Name: Scion Kobayashi
Race: Human
Age: unknown
Residence: North Westerland
Profession: Ritual Arcanist

OOG-Played By: Chris Warswick
OOG-First Played: 2010
OOG-Last Played:
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