The Red Skulls are the most famous tribe of Orcs throughout both Terath and Lairroth. This is mostly due to the way that they conquer other tribes, and force them to join. They have been known even to accept Ogres and Trolls into their numbers, although this is somewhat rare. Unlike the majority of Savage Ork tribes, they have also incorporated a considerable number of Cyclic Orcs into their tribe as well.

They have never been known to accept any creatures other than these, and although some goblins have been known to claim origins within the tribe, this is almost certainly false. Prominent members of The Red Skull tribe often tattoo a crimson skull upon their face. This is a common sight in Vrogosh, where the greatest concentration of Red Skull Orcs can be found.

Orcs in Terath

Cyclic Orcs can be found living among the civilizations of nearly ever land throughout Terath, except perhaps for The Ethlin Isles. The more civilized Orcs have recently found a home in Westerland, under the rule of the Thorgg King. The highest concentration of Orcs live there now, having migrated after The Invasion of Typhon. Many of their kind still live within the northern territories of Ebrus, among tribes who reside perilously close to the border of mysterious DragonHeld.

Where Orcs in Lairroth are known for their enmity with the Parthan, the traditions which caused the wars between Parthan and Orcs in Lairroth have never taken root in Terath, and thus this racial divide is not commonly seen.

Orcs and Orks

Scholars (and even most common folk) designate a difference between Cyclic Orcs and Savage Orks. The vast majority of Orcs are not Cyclic; unlike Human, Elves, Parthan, and most other Cyclic species. There are bloodlines of Orcs which bestow the ability to rise as a spirit after death and pass through the circle of life, and there are bloodlines which bestow great physical stamina and brutality instead. Cyclic Orcs are the race of Orcs which are known to take up vocations, respect laws, think for themselves, and claim a place within the structure of civilization.

Savage Orks are the brutish, monstrous race of warriors which terrorize villages, actively war between one another, and cause chaos throughout the land. Their green skin is usually mottled with black and brown patches, and they are generally far tougher than their more civilized cousins.

There are interesting issues of Mystic Magic and philosophy to debate here, as most scholars would argue that Savage Orks obviously do not have spirits, which may be linked to a perceived lesser intelligence when measured against than their counterparts. It is known that Xefrom Venai, before The Terathian Migration, once created a list of ‘Protected Civilized Races’ and specifically excluded the Savage Orks from this list. There are many who group the Savage Orks in with Goblins, Ogres, and Trolls, with the mindset that these monstrous creatures should be compared to rabid wolves rather than being compared to living and thinking people.