The many seas of Terath are swarming with notorious pirates. Any further than a few miles from the shore, the seas become impassable, troubled by vast and mighty waves which are massive enough to crush even the greatest ships.

This greatly limits the trade routes which are available to merchant ships, and give great opportunity to pirates. Of the many legendary pirates that have slashed or burned their way into the pages of history, the most notable is likely the long-dead Dread Pirate, Jean Varlos. He is said to have stolen a king’s ransom of treasure at least a dozen times over. Treasure Hunters and explorers have often claimed that Jean Varlos buried his treasure in many places throughout Terath, which still lay undiscovered to this day.

The following are some of the most notable pirate bands of the current era.

The Gold Company

The Gold Company is known as a company of privateers and mercenaries who approach the dark work of piracy with a cold sense of honor and vigilance. They are well known for taking merchants and officers for ransom, while sparing the crew of the ships they attack.

The Black Fleet

The Black Fleet is a vicious and bloodthirsty band of pirates known for their cut throat attitude and their rivalry with The Gold Company. The Black Fleet are a cruel group of sailors who revel in the chaos and brutality of their criminal way of life.

The Fangs of The Dragon

The Fangs of The Dragon haunt Prism Sea and the Great Bay of Westerland off of the north and western shores. They are an arrogant fleet of sailors, who only allow the fiercest and most experienced pirates to join their ranks. An unusually large number of ‘The Fangs’ are reported to be Thorgg.

The Red Ship Raiders

The Red Ship Raiders inhabit an unmapped group of islands to the east of Ethlinspire, which are said to be constantly ravaged by mighty storms and terrible tidal assaults. They fly red sails and stain the hulls of their ships a blood crimson. The Red Ship Raiders are known for raiding coastal settlements, burning villages, and taking slaves.