An Earth Walker is at one with the earth and sky:
He strives for mastery over himself.
He has the fortitude to know and to dare.
He is always a student and a seeker of wisdom.
He is reborn through the act of sacrifice.
He maintains the natural order and balance.
He is a warden of the wild, and defends his territory with his whole being.
He is as blood-kin to others of the Earth Walkers path.
He is loyal to his family, and protects them with the ferocity of a wolf.
He does not abuse the gifts of nature to do the evils of men.
He grants not natures blessing to those he must call foe.

As one with the land, An Earth Walker shall never needlessly:
Frighten an animal
Tear plants and trees
Violate an oath he has made
Fail to defend another Earth Walker
Allow blight to taint his lands

An Earth Walker follows the ebb and flow of nature. He is as:
Strong and enduring as the mountain
Brave and faithful as the wolf
Silent and watchful as the owl
Calm and thoughtful as the glade
Terrible and powerful as the thunderstorm