Wizard Shale was a highly skilled magus who walked the halls of the Broken City in The Queen’s Lands, serving as an adviser to Arador Kajorelle during his reign as High King. He was known for his obsession with a place known as The Faded Realm, said to be some kind of hidden and unreachable territory hidden between the layers of the known world.


After the fall of High King Kajorelle at the end of The War of Kings, Wizard Shale was caught in an attempt to steal a powerful artifact known as The Shard from the royal vaults and was banished from The King’s Lands.

Since his banishment, he has continued to seek out artifacts of great power to claim as his own, including an attempt to reach into The Faded Realm in order to summon forth a powerful necromantic relic known as the Heart of The Necroti Imperator.

Following the invasion of Typhon’s monstrous hordes Wizard Shale established a domain of his own on the edges of the chaos that had consumed Ethlinspire. Within his territory he commands his own small horde of monstrous servitors, now bent to his will; while continuing his search to accumulate deeper secrets from The Faded Realm.


Wizard Shale was eventually discovered to be the servant of the Great Red Dragon Hepsoveur, who so terribly threatened the Kingdoms of Terath in the year 213 PB. Under orders from his Dragon Master, Shale eventually came into conflict with the adventurers of NorthWatch, and was slain in battle when performing a direct assault upon their town.