A Student of Tinkering up in Ethlinspire University of Astraes in the Spire Proper.

Is Faigan’s little sister from when they both traveled in the same gypsy caravan. They have been separated till recently as they both traveled different ways when leaving.

Orthia left Astraes to do some field work on her tinkering training. Heading down to Falcongaurd after hearing the rumors at school about the amazing things that are sent to Elrune, another human at Astraes. Hoping she would gain just as much success traveling with these strange adventurers.

After many years of traveling with the adventures of Northwatch Orthia retired to travel with the caravans of her people.  As a member of the Trinity she had a duty to the Gypsies and left to guide and care for them.



Name: Orthia Lockhart
Aliases: Locked Heart, Matron of the Gaps
Titles: Matron Lockheart
Race: Human (Gypsy)
Age: 30
Heritage: Gypsy
Residence: Chindius Caravans
Profession: Member of the Trinity

OOG-Played By: Becca Rogers(Selphie)
OOG-First Played: April, 2011
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