Oolangi is a powerful Totem Spirit that often takes the form of a humanoid beast with physical traits originating from both the lion and the boar. Oolangi has hinted in conversation that he is a very old Totem Spirit, having traveled between the continents in the distant past and displaying familiarity with the names of ancient powerful creatures from long ago.

He is proud spirit who cares nothing for politics, but has great love of battle and the warriors who rise as champions through combat. He has expressed beliefs that proud warriors should receive shallow graves so that they might more easily be raised as undead by ambient necromancy to receive the honor of going into battle after death once more.

Oolangi is a vengeful enemy of Typhon, The Father of Monsters.



In recent generations, Oolangi became the patron Totem Spirit of an Orc Tribe which sought him out and adopted his name as their own, but after the rise of The Father of Monsters the Oolangi Tribe was decimated and its surviving members were eventually tempted and turned to the service of Typhon.

When the Heroes of Falconguard destroyed the last survivors of the Oolangi Orc Tribe who were slavishly causing havoc in the name of Typhon, the Totem Spirit rose in search of vengeance, and was persuaded to join the fight against The Father of Monsters in Terath.



Race:Totem Spirit
Profession: Patron Spirit

OOG-Played By:Mike McComas (And Others)
OOG-First Played:August 2012
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