Queen Octavia Lucius, Most Serene Highness, Regina of the Lands and Air, Vessel of the Great Secret, Flower of Faithful Promise, lived and died ruling in her rightful place as the Queen of Terath. At the time of her rule, the various kingdoms of Terath were merely baronies within her great kingdom.

She was known for ruling with a light touch, rather than an iron grip, and was considered to be a truly formidable ruler. When The Terathian Migration occurred, Queen Octavia offered portions of her own lands as a new home to the many people of Lairroth that came to make a new life in Terath.

After her death, she was succeeded by King Arador Kajorelle, who eventually rose to become High King amongst the various kingdoms of Terath.


The High Queen Octavia ruled Terath throughout all recent memory, until her untimely passing at the hands of The One shortly after The Terathian Migration. She was a powerful and cautious ruler, known for her wisdom and grace. It is widely believed that she was responsible for creating recruiting the first members of what is now known as The Circle of Ten.

The first decree seen by the people of Falconcrest which was written by the Queen after the Terath Migration is included below –

Be it known that on this day, Septembre the 13th, 2006RS I do hereby grant the Petition of His Grace Baron Rabirius Fallion of the Barony of Ebrus, Grand Marshall of Rhoum, Guardian of the Line, to wage war upon the Barony Westerland and of His Grace Arador Kajorelle, Asurkian High Wizard of the Rhouman Guard and Keeper of the List.

I do this as is my right as Queen of Rhoum and by my right by the Treatise of War 972RS.

So let it be written,
Her Royal Majesty Octavia Lucius
Most Serene Highness
Regina of the Lands and Air
Vessel of the Great Secret
Flower of Faithful Promise

The following declaration was written when The One and Queen Octavia entered into their great, and inevitably fatal, duel upon the field of battle.

Peoples of Terath,

The Great War continues. The One has, indeed, come to us at last. It has broken through our lines and is locked in battle with her Majesty, The Queen of Terath. The Baron Kajorelle has told all to stand back, and with the assistance of Baron Falion the Red and myself, the two armies continue to clash, but leave the Queen to her fight.

What magiks come from that fight I can not say, for never have mine eyes beheld such chaos. The ground itself shakes and rails against it.

We do not want you to divert your attention from your great cause, those of you from Lairroth. Stand true to your duties and prepare thineselves for the days to come.

Lord Vorhi’il Celestion
Commander of the Ethlin Steel


Name:Octavia Lucius
Titles:Vessel of the Great Secret
Heritage: Old Blood of Terath

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