Obrus Shadowheart is a known enemy to the Gypsy Nation for murder in the highest degree. Known for his knowledge of Ancient Fey Lore as well as ability to manipulate the emotions and minds of others to a great degree; Obrus is a master of magic and manipulation which hides behinds his fiery passion and hatred for the Gypsy people.


Obrus was first encounters in the town of Hargrave in the country of Hadrianus. The adventurers of Falconguard learned, through mettle and steel, that Obrus was manipulating the emotions of those in the area and “implanting” faery creatures into the bodies of wandering gypsy; using them as a type of soldier for his own personal vengeance.

When the adventurers foiled his attempt at destroying the gypsy of the area, Obrus traveled south to the country of Haven where he coerced a faery spirit known only as the Slyph to work for him and distract the adventurers while he attempted to destroy the gypsy family responsible for his Master’s banishment. It was learned at this time that Obrus has captured a very powerful creature known as “The Spirit of Renewal” which he now uses for his own personal safety.

Little else is known about the motivations and reasons behind this madman’s actions. But one thing is certain… While Obrus still draws breath, no gypsy is safe.



Name: Obrus Shadowheart
Aliases: Obrus
Race: Fey
Heritage: Servant of Oberon
Residence: Terath
Profession: Ritualist
Status: Deceased

OOG-Played By: Paul Iverson
OOG-First Played: April-2012
OOG-Last Played: –
OOG-Active?: Yes
OOG-Contact Info:

Player added info

King Aleric Falconcrest has officially tasked the Falconcrest Mercenary GuildFalconguard Legion with the responsibility of bringing this villian to justice and stopping the murders of the good gypsy people in his kingdom. It has become my legion’s primary objective.

  • ~Xukkuth d’ Barra, Shadow of the Vallahorien