Myzra was among the adventurers of Westgate who were temporally displaced into the future after the battle with La’Ghoul the World Eater.
Though initially a rogue of sorts, Myzra was initiated as a Warlock on January 19th, 2008 R.S. and has since continued her studies into the advanced tiers of her art. Her one formal apprentice was a Xelaque by the name of Keveras Lorakythe. He since disappeared after forsaking the Warlock path and the two parted ways when he attempted to murder The Nameless One.
Myzra tends to dress like a Witch and will also answer to being called that, though if asked she always refers to Herself as a Warlock. More often than not, Myzra tends to carry candy of some sort which she gives out freely. She usually keeps it in a bag emblazoned with a skull. She has also been known to give out apples. So far none of her treats have been poisoned. Among her common possessions is a creepy doll made of human flesh and a green crystal that glows at times.
Myzra is a citizen of Haven and her allegiances were transferred to the Kingdom of Falconcrest when Haven chose to become a Vassal Kingdom. Her exact whereabouts within the country are usually unknown, as she tends to move about fairly often. She has held casual associations with Wizard Talandar and King Vol, working with or for both of them in the past as needed.
Myzra has an on and off rivalry of sorts with both Lokëwath Vanwasule and Lux’ley Kalderash in their posting on the boards over the years. She most known for writing her dissertation on the History of the Elves and her telling of the History of Lairroth.



Born in the northern reaches of Il’lithoria, at the age of two Myzra traveled with her family north to the Black Forest where she underwent the ritual of “The Cleansing” during the Plagues. It was then that her skin darkened to black and her hair bleached to white. She was among those who established the Under Realm of Lairroth. There her family grew to include two younger sisters and one younger brother.
When Myzra came of age, she ventured to the Surface Realm and headed south into Nadrak. There she met Dedric Saya’rtias Starks. After a brief encounter he disappeared and she returned to the Under Realm to give birth to their son Velkyn. Seven years later Myzra joined the adventurers of Port Valor at the Winter Festival of Lombard in the year 21 Post Plague while searching for Dedric at the estate of Baroness Leda Montague in Calien. Not finding him there, she continued to adventure with them until they reunited nearly a year later. With them she helped to establish the frontier town of Westgate and traveled between her underground home and the adventuring group often.
When the World Eater La’Ghoul forced those of Westgate into the realm of Kith’Minos, Myzra was among them. After all was said and done, those who remained were thrust two hundred years into the future. When she could not locate her family again she remained to help establish the Crossroads. In early 2005 R.S. Drefan Galena took a romantic interest in Myzra. On September 17th of 2008 R.S. Myzra was married to Drefan. Together they then ventured through the portal to the southern continent of Terath in 205 Post Breaking to assist in establishing the outpost of North Watchtower Keep, or called Northwatch at times. For the period of one year Myzra was ritually altered by the magic of Baba Yaga from the Dark Realms and took on the name of Keilantra, but many rituals and some extreme psychological alterions later she returned to her former self.
Drefan and Myzra remained in Northwatch until the Xelague emerged from the Under Dark to establish the kingdom of Haven. Her brother Mir’loch’kar was among them. Myzra discovered him on May 2nd of 2009 R.S. and from Mir’loch’kar Myzra learned the history of her family, therein chosing to join him as a member of her House once more. Both her and Drefan took up residence at Mir’loch’kar’s outpost on the northern boarder of Haven. They remained there until her brother was called to the defense of the capital and was reduced to a sheet of glass along with the capital city. With the death of her half brother and Patron during Cureanon’s attack, Myzra spoke with her sole remaining sibling where she and her sister agreed to formally disband House Neh’lar on February 12th 2010 R.S.
Myzra and Drefan’s marriage was dissolved on March 24th of 2009 R.S. when it came into conflict with Drefan’s duties as a Black Knight in the Telgahfian Order.  The two have remained in an on/off relationship of sorts since that time that she would describe as “complicated”. Since then Myzra sought her own alliances with the spirits in seeking more contact with the dead of her House and embraced the path of the Warlock. Part of her pact included the inability to speak above a whisper, so even when she continued to adventure for a time she became increasingly reclusive and detached. The death of her son, her brother and the disbanding of her house caused her to become less involved in Xelaque politics as well until eventually she simply stopped being around beyond the occasional letter and sometimes venturing to the Winter Festival each year.
Myzra was a member of the Red Band of Chaos for a time before they were disbanded.



Name: Myzra Neh’lar Galena
Aliases: Keilantra
Race: Xelaque or Fey
Age: 33/233
Heritage: Under Realm of Lairroth
Residence: Haven of Terath
Profession: Witch/Warlock

OOG-Played By: Holly McKeeth
OOG-First Played: Winterfest 2001
OOG-Last Played: Winterfest 2013
OOG-Active?: Not Often
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