The northern ice fields of Moradrim are separated into thirty-three territories constantly at war. Barbarians march and flags fly high as each ruling warlord attempts to claim more territories and thus control the destiny of this warrior kingdom. The Council of Thirty & Three holds the power to enforce tariffs, taxes, levies, and laws throughout Moradrim and each territory held is another vote of influence on the council.

In Moradrim, anyone can rise to power. The cold northern kingdom is seen by many of the southern lands as a savage place, but the people there see themselves as the strongest in all the land. The denizens of this kingdom also know that there is a great deal more involved in Moradrim life than strength of arms alone. Subterfuge, diplomacy, manipulation, and betrayal are all a part of the intrigue that creates the make up of life in the north.

Additional Information

I once lived, before the Hammer of the North marched, in the cold, dark wasteland that is Moradrim. At that time, I was a slave among many under a particularly vicious Warlord – one later murdered by his own men. My life was one of frozen chains and unrelenting brutality and, if there is a land I hate more than any other, it is Moradrim.

  • ~ Xukkuth d’ Barra, Shadow of the Vallahorien