Lex is best known for her class. She fights with the elements at her side day in and day out. Being a Thane is such a big part of her that her home can be found with trinkets of the elements. If you catch her early enough, she is prepping for the day and chanting quietly, thanking whatever for allowing her to use power that day.

Lex is a former tavern guard and active adventurer.


If you ask her, Lex will tell you she is from Calien, which explains to an extent how much she drinks.

Portrait Taken: Winterfest 2013


Name: Margarite Alexandra Blankery
Aliases: Lex
Titles: Elementalist, Thane
Race: Parthon
Age:A lady never tells
Profession: Adventurer

OOG-Played By: Tiffany Lynn Pusatello
OOG-First Played:Years ago
OOG-Last Played: Winterfest
OOG-Contact Info: