Lord Edward dan Brock is one of the wealthiest Lords in Falconcrest. His knowledge and experience as an Akeronian Merchant Lord has been put to great use by King Aleric Falconcrest ever since he swore fealty two years ago. In the spring of 212, King Aleric granted Lord dan Brock rulership over territories in Northern Falconcrest which rest along the shared border of the King’s Lands and Ebrus.


Lord Edward dan Brock was born a noble in Akeron during the reign of High Queen Octavia. At the age of 14 he assumed the responsibilities as the head of the house after his father died. He proved to be resourceful and incredibly intelligent. Over the years he brought the house from being an average merchant family to one of the wealthiest of all Akeron nobles. When The Seer of Akeron rose to power and divided the kingdom, Lord dan Brock backed the Sons of Akeronin the fight, though after the first year it became apparent with no real leadership or cohesion that the rebel faction had very little chance of defeating the usurper.
This caused Lord dan Brock to investigate the possibility of withdrawing his wealth and throwing his support to another Kingdom.
Akeron had all but collapsed when the Draconic Domination was immediately followed by the chaos and tyranny that accompanied the rise of The Seer.

The Kingdom of Falconcrest had opposed The Seer directly, and had offered aid and refuge to those Akeronians who fled eastward. In order to extend this protection, frustrate The Seer, and expand their own borders, Falconcrest laid claim to territory which had long been a part of Akeron. After meeting with King Aleric and other Falconcrest nobles, Lord dan Brock declared that, with the disappearance of the Akeronian Royal family and in accordance with the draconic breaking of ties, he was no longer bound by oath or fealty to now fallen kingdom of Akeron.

He then swore fealty to Falconcrest and threw his full support behind the kingdom. Near the end of his first year as a citizen of Falconcrest, he was granted lands by the King and steadily began moving his holdings into Falconcrest. Even though he is no longer a noble in Akeron, he continued to support the Sons of Akeron throughout the war and he has played a key role in rebuilding the fallen kingdom now that The Seer has been defeated.

The missing royal family has once again return to power in Akeron, but no official announcement has been made about their stance on Lord Edward dan Brock’s new allegiances.

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