Lanre Lightsong is a world-travelling storyteller, an infamous bard, and an apprentice cartographer to the legendary Map Maker. He claims to have mastered the use of magical inks and secret arcane techniques allowing for the creation of enchanted maps which can transport the user to wondrous and dangerous places. Some speculate as to what purpose these maps are actually put to, as Lanre has also openly professed a profound lack of personal courage or moral fortitude. Others suggest that Lanre Lightsong has pursued the creation of enchanted maps with the sole aim of aiding his brother, the famous hero Valdimar D’Angelo.


Most of what is known of Lanre’s youth has been lost amidst the spires and cluttered streets of the mythical travelling city of Rezport, a place resembling no other city seen in Lairroth or Terath. The majority of Lanre’s childhood memories were little more than glimpses of city lights and snippets of half-remembered songs. The one exception to this is a vivid memory of a single year of his childhood, when he was found gasping for air, adrift in the ocean off the coast of Westerland. He spent a full year in a Westerland orphanage before Lanre once again found himself in the lost city of his childhood dreams.

After another decade of blurred memories and fading dreams, Lanre found himself adrift in the sea once more, yet this time he was off the coast of Hadrianus. He was dragged to shore by a group of passing gypsies, and spent many years in their company. He learned their songs and stories, reveling in their freedom as he traveled throughout Terath as one of them. Eventually, he stumbled into a fortuitous reunion with another orphan whom he remembered as a close friend from his year in Westerland – the man who would become the well-known hero and adventurer Valdimarr D’Angelo. The two of them stayed in the company of the gypsies for another year, and then in 206 PB they made their way to Lairroth, cavorting back and forth between the two continents, seeking adventures of all kinds.

For some time, Lanre’s primary place of residence was the town of Northwatch in the Kingdom of Falconcrest, but he was known to have developed a fondness for the Kingdom of Ebrus as well, spending a great deal of time there due to his interest in the Ruins of Ku’Vahl. Lanre displayed an obsession with the Ruins of Ku’Vahl ever since conversing with the legendary Arch Wizard Kendrick Horatio Invlatius Corantium during the Tournament of Heroes in Verath. Since then, he explored Ku’Vahl ceaselessly- seeking out historians and bards from every corner of Terath in hopes of learning more about the ruins. With the aid and support of the adventurers of Northwatch, Lanre Lightsong became the apprentice of an elusive and powerful figure known only as The Map Maker.

The precise reason for Lanre’s obsession with The Ruins of Ku’Vahl is not clear, although rumors indicate that he was in search of an ancient form of magic which he learned from the gypsy elders – the magik of True Names. Whether he discovered the secrets of this mysterious Naming Magik or not, but it is known that he left the town of Northwatch to pursue the magical teleporting city of Rezport.


Name: Lanre Lightsong
Titles: Lanre of House LightSong
Race: Human
Age: 35
Heritage: Unknown
Residence: Northwatch
Profession: Bard & Cartographer

OOG-Played By: Mike M
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