Lady Mehta was most recently known as the care taker of Roum. Once the Dragon of the same name was resurrected she was displaced and now is seen in Terath.


Baron and Baroness Stark ruled the land around the town of Falconreach from its inception. It was a town established in wilds of Falconreach.The town was on the front line of the Gargoyle War and it the barony pivotal to its end. When the Baron went missing seeming to never return, the Baroness renouced he title to Lady. When left the title behind her she included the name and return to the name of her father, Mehta. During her adventures she became let say stuck in Roum where she ruled for many years. The steward of Roum is busy work just ask anyone and the years flew by. Once the Dragon Roum was resurrected she was finally released but not as a whole. She now is seen in Terath wandering the land as a ghost.

Additional Information

Lady Metha is a very intriguing and lovely sort; when in her presence you just know she is privy to all manner of secrets and power. However, she remains connected to a more humble attitude. There was a brief time, before the release of the Great Dragon Rhoum, that she was driven into a very confused – and unfortunately hostile – state. I consider it quite unfortunate, as on this particular occasion she took one of my lives from me. After passing through The Circle, she had come back to her senses and promised to re-pay me someday, to make it up to me. While I hold no expectations of her being able to come through on that particular promise, it is a testament to her character – she is truly just a good and kind woman, with great power appropriately placed in her hands. I hope she gets the rest she deserves, as she wanders Cyrillia as a spirit.

I’ll never forget that time Lady Mehta killed me though.

  • ~ Xukkuth d’ Barra, Shadow of the Vallahorien

Name: Victoria Metha
Aliases: Too Many
Titles: Baroness, Lady, Wizard
Race: Human
Age: ???
Residence: Westerlad
Profession: Ghost Wizard

OOG-Played By: Cathy
OOG-First Played: When did mythis start
OOG-Last Played: 2012
OOG-Active?: yes
OOG-Contact Info: