Kosten Sand is a human cripple known to have provided valuable information to adventurers in times of dire need. He has sponsored multiple ventures which have been executed by the Heroes of Falconguard, often involving the investigation of the magical corruption of the souls of cyclic creatures.

Kosten is believed to be a spell-caster of some kind, and has been known to use a cane to support his crippled form.



Kosten Sand came from Lairroth during the war with the Forsaken in 207 PB. While investigating the disappearance of nobles in the southern barony of SouthWatch, Kosten was captured and tortured by agents of the Forsaken.

He was held and tortured within a dungeon operated by cyclic servants of the Forsaken, and eventually released after the facility was attacked following the death of Queen Octavia. Afterwards, he became known as an independent contractor, specializing in torture (as well as other means of information acquisition).

Additional Information



Name: Kosten Sand
Race: Human
Residence: Terath
Profession: Questioner

OOG-Played By: Mike McComas
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