King Mutt the Black Titan is the ruler of Westerland.



Mutt started his adventuring career as a guard to the Stark Barony in the town of Falconreach. Later he became the personal guard to Lady Mehta, when the town moved to Port Valor. Mutt was not around for the the coming of La’ghoul and has no memory of what transpired during that time. Mutt awoke to the war between giants and men. The Heartlands were at war with ice giants from the north.Mutts actions in this war lead to him being Knighted of the Heartland and being the lord over West Gate for a short period. When the Dark War came Sir Mutt took part in the killing of the Demon Prince Gaberloch. When the Winds of Change was put in place by Thalomere, Sir Mutt moved to Terath only to return to Lairroth to visit the city of Rhuom now and then. After some time in Terath Sir Mutt joined the ranks of the Telgahfian Order of Black Knights.


Name: Mutt


Titles: King

Race: Thorgg

Age: 200ish


Residence: Westerland

Profession: King

OOG-Played By: Shorty

OOG-First Played: summer 1999

OOG-Last Played:

OOG-Active?: so so

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