Elar Vanir was born in the Barony of Hadrianus in Terath. After serving a distinguished tour of duty in the Hadrian military, he was made Baron of Hadrianus under High Queen Octavia when his father retired.

Elar was a just and proud ruler, who was well loved by his people. In the year 194 though, tragedy struck. He was lost at sea while returning from a meeting in the Elven capital of Gilbereth. After a 5 year search, he was officially declared dead, and his younger sister, Embla, was named Baroness.

After many years of being thought dead, he returned during the 213 Winterfest celebration under a different name, and having aged more years then the 20 he has been gone. After the storm that destroyed his ship, he washed up on the shores of Nadrak in Lairroth with no memory of who he was or where he was from.

He was taken in by a small village where he took the name of Sylus Thane. After living in this small village for a few years, he left the only home he remembered and set out to try and discover who he was. Few details are known about his journey, but what is known is that he discovered he had a strong talent for Arcane Magic, which he used during the War of the Drake.

The Kingdom of Nadrak was still ruled by the military, and the practice of magic was discouraged. During the war though, he earned the title of Bloodless after fending off a pack of Drakes single handed using magic. Sylus spent the next few years working with the military to change their attitude toward magic, as it was key in ending the Drake War.

During the Chronophage, Sylus fell in love with and married the daughter of General Elroy Vistoff who was one of the most influential military leaders in the country. Over the years, he softened toward Sylus and had a change of heart about the magic he practiced and became one of the primary proponents for change.

Due to his popularity from the War of the Drake, and his military connections gained through marriage, Sylus was named the King of Nadrak. During the years Nadrak was locked in the Chronophage, it underwent many changes. At some point during the passing years, Sylus realized he aged far more gracefully then those around him. By the time he should have been entering his late 40s, he still looked and felt like a young man in his prime.

Not long after this discovery, the mages of Nadrak discovered that the Chronophage had was interacting strangely with Nocturne. The mists of time would swirl and move around the boarder of the black sand, but they seemed almost fearful of it. After additional study, they learned that the Abyssal Power dormant in the Black Sands was starting to corrupt the mists of the Chronophage. Fearing an Abyssal contamination of some kind, King Sylus lead the mages of Nadrak in a great ritual to cleanse the mists of time of the abyssal corruption.

During this ritual, Sylus had to expend much of his own experiance, and at the end of the ritual, he seemed to have aged many years, no longer appearing as a young man, but a middle aged man entering his twilight years. An additional result of this ritual was that Sylus regained his memory of who he was before he washed up on the shores of Nadrak.

While Sylus knew he was Elar Vanir, he had no reason or desire to return to that life. He had made Nadrak his home and so he decided that he would only tell his family and his most trusted advisers the truth of his identity. After the Chronophage ended, he sent emissaries to Terath to learn what had happened in the time he was away. Upon learning of the threat posed by the Father of Monsters, and his sisters role in the leadership of Terath, he sent troops to aid Hadrianus in the fight.

During the Winterfest celebrations of 213, he was invited to attend and there he revealed who he was to his sister, Queen Embla. Though she tried to convince him to return to Hadrianus, she later accepted that he was now King Sylus Thane of Nadrak and he should not abandon his people (though it is rumored she spoke of a greater, united Hadrianus). Currently, Nadrak is the only nation in Larritoh to have active diplomatic ties with a nation in Terath and Hadrianus is the only nation in Terath to have active, diplomatic ties with a nation in Lairroth.

Additional Information


Name: Elar Vanir
Aliases: Sylus the Bloodless
Titles: King of Nadrak
Race: Human
Age: Unknown due to Chronophage
Heritage: Old Blood of Terath
Residence: Kingdom of Nadrak, Lairroth
Profession: Scholar King

OOG-Played By: Andrew Barrus
OOG-First Played: Winterfest 213
OOG-Last Played: Winterfest 213
OOG-Active?: Yes
OOG-Contact Info: