The Kingdom of Myzentius is ruled by King Satana Akida, the former Lord General of the Myzentian army. The Myzentian Monarch is the briefest ruling King in Terath, save for the recently crowned King MutT of Westerland.

Prior to becoming King, Satana Akida served as the Lord General of Myzentius, under the former monarch, King Cressus Creon. The capital city of Myzentius, known as The City of Creon, still bears the name of the royal dynasty that ruled over Myzentius for many generations. As The Lord General, Satana Akida was largely responsible for considerable gains in Myzentian territory prior to the emergence of The Kingdom of Falconcrest. His reputation as a fierce Elentari warrior and a master tactician have never been stronger.

King Akida acquired the crown of Myzentius by besting the former Champion Karn in honorable combat. This victory happened very recently, during the events which immediately preceded The War of Kings. The resulting change in Rulership allowed Myzentius to forge an alliance with the Kingdom of Ebrus & the-now-defeated Falion The Red which posed such an incredible threat to the established political order that Terath was shaken to its very foundations.

At the beginning of the atrocity known as The Draconic Domination, King Akida was the only monarch who offered himself as a sacrifice to The Great & True Dragon Cureanon. As such, The Capital City of Creon remains one of the only cities in Terath that is unscarred by DragonFire.

The King of Myzentius has sovereign rule over all Myzentian affairs, but is advised by the four members of the High Council.