Kasumi traveled the world when she was younger looking to master her skills that she had first learned at theMaru Dojo. Traveling with several other members of the Maru Dojo. Kasumi was adopted into the
Maru Dojo when she was young, having no other known family. This has led Kasumi to not only think of Tenchi Maruas a teacher but as a father figure as well.

Kasumi has a overpowering fear of large bodies of water and will do many things to avoid them if she can.

Kasumi has retired from the adventuring lifestyle and has returned to the Maru Dojo. She now teacher there and helps maintain the Dojo.



Name: Kasumi
Race: Parthan
Age: Unknown
Residence: Maru Dojo
Profession: Teacher

OOG-Played By: Becca Rogers (Selphie)
OOG-First Played: Summer 2007
OOG-Last Played: 2/2013
OOG-Active?: No
OOG-Contact Info: selphiebaka@gmail.com