The first mention of Jorus can be found in an excerpt of King Aleric’s journal that was made public many years ago. From that point to the Dark War, there is no mention of him. During the Dark War, he and Mithandril were tasked with destroying the Arch-Lich Tal’Sigor. After their battle, he again disappears He next resurfaces in year 213 claiming that the Arch-Lich escaped during the Dark War and he has spent the last 7 years hunting him, and has now returned because his work is done and Tal’Sigor has been utterly destroyed.



Jorus began his study of magic at a young age, inspired by the powerful ritualist Duke Dhalric Falconcrest. Showing a powerful aptitude for the art, he studied at the School of Magic in King’s Port. He often returned to his home in what was then the Falconcrest Duchy, a part of the greater Heartland Kingdom, and became close friends with the Duke’s son, Aleric.



Name: Jorus
Race: Human
Residence: Falconcrest
Profession: Mage

OOG-Played By: Steve C.
OOG-First Played: 2013
OOG-Last Played:
OOG-Active?: Yes
OOG-Contact Info:

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