A powerful Mummy Lord that lives deep in the jungles of Narovoo. Ir’Rithna is uninterested in the goings on of the world and only wants to be left to her research.

Many years ago, she encountered the Lich Sevrian who earned a favor from her. To fulfill the favor, she offered Sevrian his pick of either an army of powerful undead, ancient ritual knowledge long thought lost, or to personally perform a task of his choosing for him.

For reasons unkown to Ir’Rithna, he choose to fulfill the debt by having her meet with the adventurers of Northwatch.


Before her unlife, Ir’Rithna was a skilled ritualist, focusing primarily on rituals that changed and augmented the targets body. Her research was taken to new heights when an ancient and power being called Typhon attacked her home in the Ethlin Empire, thousands of years ago.

During the course of this nearly forgotten war, Ir’Rithna helped to develop a series of rituals to strengthen the commanders of their armies so they would be able to fight against Typhon’s mighty Heralds. She claims that, at some point during the conflict, her research team was studying a strange magical phenomena. Supposedly, something went terribly wrong during this research and her team was not able to escape. What happened to Ir’Rithna is unknown, but it seems that she either went into hiding, or traveled to a place where none would recognize her.

Thousands of years passed, and when Ir’Rithna returned the Ethlin Empire was in it’s current state; now a blasted desert. She herself had undergone a transformation from a living person to a terrible mummified undead. Few know what happened or where her team went, and Ir’Rithna is not one to speak of the past easily. She has since dedicated her knowledge and skill to researching ways of creating more dangerous and powerful undead.


Name: Ir’Rithna
Race: Mummy

OOG-Played By: Deb C.
OOG-First Played: 10/23/2013
OOG-Last Played: 10/23/2013
OOG-Contact Info: Unknown