The blade was originally forged deep within the ancient dwarven halls beneath the kingdom of Westerland. From its first moments the weapon held vast power; most notably the power to continuously revitalize the wielder as if through rebirth from a Circle of Life. It was first held in combat by Sir Jacen Teague, and later by his decedents; the Barons and Baronesses of Ebrus.

Specifically, The Blade was wielded Sir Jacen Teague during the battle against the Vampire Lords of Adwine, in a duel by Baroness Teague against the Knight Commander of Westerland, it was used to defeat the skeletal knights sent by the Lich Abraxus to challenge the leaders of Ebrus, and was wielded by Baron Teague in his fateful duel with Rodrick Falion – which ended the Golden Era of Ebrus.
As the last of its power waned, and magic began to fade from the weapon altogether, it was returned to its place of origin by the xelaque mercenary and Shadow of the Vallahorien, Xukkuth d’ Barra, its current wielder, and was re-forged by an Elentari White Knight known as High lord Venai, The Morning Sword. He was guided in its re-forging through the direction of the spirit of an ancient Dwarven Master Smith of Westerland – possibly the same smith who forged the blade originally.

During this forging, The Morning Sword and The great Wizard Anairo, an apprentice to the great Dragons Nadrak, Thalomere, and Rhoum, used potent mystic and elemental magic to purge the necrotic influence of a dark spirit which attempted to influence and corrupt the weapon. Upon the legendary anvil, The Blade was carefully repaired and specifically crafted to be able to withstand the most potent enchantments. Through luck, skill, blood, and ancient magic the weapon was bonded to The Shadow of The Vallahorien during this process.
This bond served The Shadow well by allowing him to further instill magic into the weapon throughout his adventures, as he fed the blade using the power of items and enchantments he encountered in his travels, ever preparing it for the touch of She who would truly bring it to life.
Once more within the ancient dwarven halls, The Shadow of The Vallahorien, The Dark Titan, The Son of The Wild, and their companions signaled the end of the Null-Magic Blight of Westerland in a great battle against the dark spirit which had previously attempted to corrupt the blade. They were victorious and the blight was ended. In those Dwarven halls, and at Cyrillia’s touch, Infinity’s Edge was truly born. The Shadow of The Vallehorienne watched as power flowed from Her into the weapon and it became great.

To this day, the Shadow wields Infinity’s Edge, the bond between blade and its wielder growing deeper over time.