Now that the Pale War has finally come to an end, the victorious kingdoms of Terath are slowly beginning to heal. The damage and the losses that were sustained will haunt the memories of the Terathian People for years to come, and sadly, it seems that the unity which was previously brought forth by the struggle against the Pale Ones is quickly fading.
Tensions are slowly rising again between the lands of

Narovo and Chindius,

between Hadrianus and Myzentius

and between Ebrus and Falconcrest.

In the aftermath of the war, new and powerful heroes have arisen, and new legends have been forged. The common people of Terath’s many kingdoms still tell stories of the dreaded Skarran Shadowlord, the heroic Starfall Initiative, and the terrifying shape-shifting which was performed by the Forsaken during the final days of the war.

Meanwhile, the Adventurers of Northwatch strive to unravel the secrets of the enigmatic entities known as the Primordials. They seek to discover the goals and potentially nefarious intentions of certain members of the much-beloved Starfall Initiative. They delve into ancient places of power and danger in search of wealth, glory, and lost knowledge.