The elven kingdom of Il’lithoria rests in the south-western forests of Lairroth, bordered by the Elven Sea and the Unquenchable Desert. This verdant kingdom is the merest shadow of its former glory. The affairs of the Il’lithiorian Kingdom are directed from the near empty city of Ethlinspire, where an Asurkian High King rules his scattered people with a gentle hand.

A royal from the each of the other elven races has been selected to unify the kingdom, as all races of elves call these lands home. Still, much of the forest has become truly wild, and it is difficult to find the civilized places hidden within the spanning darkness, though some rumors suggest that far more elves inhabit this fading kingdom then most might suspect. The forest itself hides many secrets, and life in Il’lithoria is life lived in pursuit of the past. Stories of the living spirit of this ancient forest are staples of elvish childhood, but the lines between truth and myth have become blurred upon the pages of history.