Rumor is not kind to the House of Cards, for many of its details remain shrouded in mystery. The “House of Cards” is known as a group of elite Scouts, each of which dons the title of a card from a deck of standard playing cards. It is believed that the House of Cards was started by the founder of the Scout’s art, the first spreading the path and profession to the many. The House of Cards is supposedly home to a number of master Scouts, who are rumored to have been tested and ranked amongst the greatest Scouts in all Terath.

The Underworld of Terath often pays a high price to utilize the members of The House of Cards to obtain information, or to provide reconnaissance for certain shady mercenary jobs. There is certainly some kind of link between The House of Cards and The Tainted Crown of Ebrus, but it is difficult to say what.

The House of Cards has claimed many different lines of business in the past, everything from mercenary work to merchanting has been claimed by the organization as a mask to their true purpose. Their most publicly visible venture was as a prestigious merchanting house, with specialized smiths and alchemists providing custom goods to wealthy clients. It is said that even adventurers of Falconguard did business with the House of Cards, though this has not been confirmed.

Possible Members

Acen Briseus or “Aces” – A master Scout, now deceased, possessed of noble Akeronian blood who fought and died in the great resistance against the Seer. It was Acen’s actions that denied ritual components to the Seer and made it possible for the adventurers of Falconguard to slay him successfully. Unfortunately, Acen Briseus suffered a final death in the great battle that ended in victory for the Sons of Akeron.