House Feldron is a large, extended dwarven family that has been rising to power slowly since the Betrayal. They were the first to seize many of the old gold mines in The Realms in the wake of La Guul, and discovered vast forgotten treasure vaults that propelled them into lofty wealth. The Feldron Family was heavily responsible for dramatically influencing the value of gold, due to the sudden and vast reserves they revealed to the world in 205 post betrayal. It was during this time that they purchased each and every Lairroth stone-quarry from which Wardable Structures are built, and seized the few known mines where Prismatic Gems had been discovered.

Through training of Feldron Heirs, marriage proposals, and binding contracts of service; House Feldron contains within it nearly all of the greatest masons and architects throughout Lairroth. Their craftsmanship can be seen in the walls of Greymoore City, the new fortresses of Vrogosh, and in the small wardable towers and guild-houses seen across the land. House Feldron also boasts ownership of yards where the most effective and efficient siege weapons are crafted and sold to nations that seem constantly on the verge of war.