The Kingdom of Haven occupies a sizable portion of what once once The Barony of Southwatch before The Forsaken destroyed the infrastructure of Southwatch and put a large number of their people to the sword.

Haven is now ruled by King Vol, the Xelaque wizard. The vast majority of citizens in haven are Xelaque, having migrated from across much of Terath, magically traveled from Lairroth, and ventured upward to the surface from the deep cavern of the Under Realm beneath Terath. In the far northern reaches of Haven, one can find the ruins of the now-destroyed Forsaken Tower.

As the surprising first strike that started The War of Kings, Haven was attacked by the barbaric warriors of ofHadrianus, who put many small villages to the torch, and laid claim to the former navy of Southwatch. Hadrianus continued to occupy all of Haven’s seaside port cities for a number of years, at which point High Queen Embla attempted to forge these occupied territories into an entirely new kingdom. This effort eventually failed due to a combination of political pressures, an imperial declaration from Verath, and the untimely death of the pirate and would-be-king, Admiral Vestrit of Southwatch. While much of the territory was returned to the Kingdom of Haven, a section of North-Eastern Haven has been granted to the Kingdom of Falconcrest, reducing Haven into one of the smallest kingdoms in Terath.


Important Figures

King Vol: The King of Haven is, perhaps, the most cunning political figure in all of Terathian politics. This may be out of necessity, however, as his kingdom possesses very little direct military strength. King Vol is considered by most to be a self-made monarch, having risen to power from low birth by his own wit, guile, and silver tongue. Whispers of a past filled with blood and ash echo within the noble courts, but the King of Haven is known to be a friendly and cordial man, with high regard for honoring proper hospitality. King Vol is also known as The High Wizard of The Rhouman Guard, serving as the official leader of High Queen Embla’s magical scholars.

Seneschal Celene: Matron of the powerful House Shin, Lady Celene is a very capable and competent leader. She serves to facilitate communication and cooperation between the numerous noble houses of Haven, and is a figure feared and respected by all. She is also known to command a group of skilled operatives known as Vol’s Elite, who serve as guards, spies, and other formidable agents acting on behalf of the King.

Lord Talandar: A powerful ritual spell caster and a hero to his people; Lord Talandar was personally responsible for uniting the Xelaque Houses and leading them to the surface to establish the Kingdom of Haven. Well over half of the Xelaque which reside in the Kingdom of Haven originate from ancient homes far down within the deep caverns of The UnderRealm, and look to War Wizard Talandar as the greatest champion of this age.

Domestic products

Alchemical reagents, medicinal herbs, gems, potions, liquors.

International Relations

The Kingdom of Haven, while militarily weak, controls territory along the southern coast which is ideal for fostering trade, meanwhile, the northern border of Haven stretches along the Great River Adwine, which brings in goods from the central and northern realms.

Additionally, the sprawling network of caverns beneath much of the Kingdom of Haven is rich in alchemical, medical, and magical reagents, while the Vast Forest of Haven produces paper for scrollmaking as well as strong lumber which is used in construction efforts throughout the region.

Haven is economically stable, often striving to remain politically neutral in most Terathian affairs. While Haven has existed as a kingdom for less than a score of years, the nation has already developed strained relations with Ebrus to the North and Hadrianus to the East. These poor relations exist mostly as a result of Haven’s decision to oppose the rise of the now-defeated “Falion The Red” during the War of Kings.

It is widely known that the Kingdom of Haven was once a Vassal Kingdom of Falconcrest, and was thus under the protection of King Aleric Falconcrest and his armies. However, in the recent past the treaties between the two kingdoms were rewritten, acknowledging them as equal allies. Both kingdoms remain fiercely linked and participate in the trading of military officers, the fostering noble children, and the cooperative training of their military forces.