Gregory The Black is the head of the Telgahfian order of Black Knight.


Gregory was first incountered as the personal Gaurd to Baroness Montague. Baron and Borness Montague ruled land in Calien on the Border of the Heartlands. The next time he appeared regularly was as Gregory the Black head of the Telgahfian order. He is rumared to be the greatest tactition in all of Cyrilia. He is famus for the kiling of of the Demon Queen Zaria. Also known to be an ally to many PC’s.

Additional Information

Sir Gregory Telghaf has always been quite the enigma; a truly dubious character, firmly seated in the grey area of morality and reputation. It was Sir Gregory Telghaf whom first provided me with coin to support my fledgling mercenary organization, the Red Band of Chaos, through selling him magical trinkets. We met from time to time and I heard many rumors of his deeds, both good and bad. Personally, he always treated me quite well and, thus, I did everything I could to help him. A couple memories of note include:

  • I lent my hand in saving the life of Sir Gregory Telghaf after a strange magical assassination attempt where he simply fell into a state of near-death over and over again. We kept him alive by using Force Restore Your Spirit spells over and over again on him, even to the point of enlisting the help of a goblin shaman to continue Force Restoring him. After 30 minutes, Sir Gregory Telghaf was successfully restored and left alive. A number of other black knights met their death that night from the same.
  • Sir Gregory Telghaf was responsible for the escape of Xaria from her magical prison and was enslaved via an item by her for a brief amount of time. He showed up with Xaria in Falconguard and attempted to persuade some of the adventurers there to join forces with her. All present denied her and Sir Mutt the Dark Titan fought the enslaved Sir Gregory Telghaf himself. It is believed that Xaria has been imprisoned again and no longer walks the land.
  • After the Xaria incident, Sir Gregory Telghaf was not heard from for a long time before showing up at King Mutt’s coronation in Westerland. At his coronation, Sir Gregory struck down Sir Allerion “The Dragonrider” (also known as Suslec Tor) and this resulted in Sir Allerion taking his final death – Sir Allerion’s spirit was taken by the forest and it is believed he has become a part of the wild forever. Sir Gregory was executed on the spot by King Mutt and has not been seen since.
  • ~ Xukkuth d’ Barra, Shadow of the Vallahorien


Name: Gregory Telgahf
Aliases: Probably many
Titles: The Black
Race: Human
Profession: Black Knight

OOG-Played By: James
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OOG-Active?: yes
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