The Golden Scroll

May 220 PB

By Zyra Goldenmane


Truly Guilty?

Ever since the Tragedy in the Bay of Hope, Sir Do’Argo has spent much of his time looking into who was responsible for the atrocities there.  This investigation led him to pursue looking into Counsellor Orso of Ebrus and his dealings around the time of the tragedy.  What was discovered early in April is that the counsellor had hired mercenaries to spread ill feelings and negative rumors about Barbarians in the city of Akeron after the death of his wife in the failed raid on a coin vault belonging to the Banking House of Caulder & Scale, and it didn’t stop at words, they were hired to go as far as blackmailing, threatening physical violence, and even performing physical violence to encourage others to work against the Barbarians.  He was all for the ousting of the Barbarians, and definitely a part of the ill will that led to it, but if it goes further than this, to the intent of the Barbarians being killed, is still unclear.  Does his acts count as mass murder, or a pursuit to slaunder the names of those who killed his wife in an act of vengeance? 

Completing the Seasonal Set

Early in the month of April the Smash brothers reached an unexpected milestone in their quest to find the Shield of Spring.  The brothers and a small group of Northwatch adventurers followed a lead to what ended up being a lost forge, perhaps even one where the two found Seasonal Weapons had already been found had been forged, a forge of elemental and creation magic.  Through sacrificing some of the power of the Hammer of Fall and the Summer Sword the forge was able to be used to create not only the searched after shield, but also the Axe of Winter!  In the end the Axe of Winter was given to Gray to carry for a time.  Although this may seem an end of the quest, it is also just the start as the weapons need to have their powers boltered in order to keep them from fading back to legend.

Aid in Sponsorship

Many have heard that Ragnar Tallcastle somehow managed to gain the support of Clan Vanir, but few know the tale of how.  It turns out it started as a move to get Ragnar to drop out of the running, they invited him to a Winterfest gathering, and there he was challenged to a contest of creation.  This contest was sprung upon him in surprise, but thanks to a pair of gifts from Rin and Karu, Ragnar turned the contest around, his first gift turning to wood from the Skywood Grove, the second enhancing the forge he was working on, an enhancement that lasted past the contest.  This victory landed Ragnar the backing of the clan that was originally hoping to get him out of the contest.

Corrupted Magical Beasts

The woods are often known to be full of dangers, especially around Northwatch, but a new corruption has started appearing.  This corruption has been found on a pair of magical creatures, first a drake, then a griffon.  Already dead upon when it was found, the drake was examined and a necromantic taint was easily detected, and an investigation revealed a sewn up incision, in which a vile organ was found inside, which was removed.  A dryad asked a group from Northwatch for help with the Gryphon, who was found still alive, and was cured and let on it’s way.  It should be noted that both creatures had a tag, as if part of an experiment, so if anyone knows of someone who would be performing said experiments they should reach out to one of Northwatch’s druids, Zyaelah.

Aid for a Lost Village

While on the quest to find the Shield of Spring a voice informed those present of a plight Seratil’s home village is suffering.  This village has been trapped in a place of darkness, and the voice spoke up in request of aid from the wielder of the Sword of Summer.  He wished for the sword to be borrowed, or the aid of the bearer, Rhella, to help vanquish the darkness that was growing more dangerous to the village.  Rhella gave her word to aid in this quest, and the other wielders of the seasonal weapons also offered their aid.

Just a Rumor?

Bannor of Harrowheim found himself in Hadrianus for a task and while there he found out that the rumor of imminent raid on the Ethlin Isles by the barbarians is just that, a rumor.  His investigation wasn’t overly thorough, but from what he discovered there is no mass gathering.  And Rin has mentioned they were just a bunch of merchant vessels.  Although this is a relief, it brings about the questions of who would start such rumors and why.