The Golden Scroll

March 220 PB

by Zyra Goldenmane


Dangers in a Dungeon Under Northwatch

At one point in time there was an active dungeon under where Northwatch is now found.  This dungeon has long since been abandoned, but many of the things that were kept down there are still there, some of the Faded magic that was once used there still permeates the walls, and sometimes notes left from those who used to work there can be found, specifically parts of a journal that once belonged to Wizard Aster Vor Barra.  On the twelfth evening of February a group from Northwatch gathered to search a section of this dungeon for a once magical inkstone at the request of one Icosial who studies artifacts that have lost their power.  The inkstone was retrieved, but on the way a barrier that was keeping Abyssally tainted prisoners trapped was dropped, and elemental jailors that had remained, but had become tainted by abyssal energies, were dispersed.  The barrier dropped was dropped in order to cleanse the Abyssally tainted beings from the area, although only one was found, a strange creature that resembled a Prowler in it’s base, which was dispatched of.  Who knows what further dangers will be discovered lurking below the adventuring outpost?

Trailing Gargoyles

The Ashen Cloth and some Adventurers have been pursuing Gargoyles that have been gathering Dream Magic for their leader Leaf.  This pursuit hit a bit of a snag when it was discovered that they would take the magic gathered to two different drop points, then split off in different directions, with many Gargoyles all traveling with identical boxes, making it impossible to figure out where the actual conduit to get Leaf his magic was.  They made a mistake though, and a handful that had gone after a pool near a powerful spellbook had a falling out with the purple robed necromancers (likely Tal Sigor’s elite followers) they had been working with.  In the end this resulted in the death of at least one of the purple robed individuals being slain, his corpse left behind and spirit trapped in the form of a Wraith.  Northwatch Adventurers were able to defeat the wraith and squeeze some information on the Gargoyles from the spirit before it was destroyed.


Late in January of 220 PB a group of Northwatch adventurers pooled their energy, and some their very life force, to create a sentient wandering shrine.  Since then the shrine has been given more energy the name Wish, helping it grow in intelligence and strength.  The morning after Winterfest even had the adventurers of Northwatch braving the dangers of Ku’Vahl, even encountering and taking out an Amethyst Golem that was working on a mysterious project, in order to collect energy to give Wish as a Winterfest gift.

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Crystal Challenges and Warnings

Winterfest of 220 PB in Northwatch was celebrated with the typical need of combat adventurers have.  A key they had previously found in a Crystal Sanctum was able to unlock many treasures, though further challenges had to be conquered to actually acquire these treasures.  The power behind these challenges, who revealed himself to be the Archh Wizard Kendrick Horatio Invlatius Corantium by the end of the night, called in aid from the Mages of I and many challenges of combat and lore were had.  While these challenges were being prepared a magical item was used to call in a shard of memory from the War Wizard Herromere.  This shard had many warnings about amethyst, and those who wish to know more should reach out to Zyra, Talos, Rin, Xisto, Karu, or Tar’Quin.

A Fairy Intruder

Late in the night of Winterfest of 220 PB the Adventurers of Northwatch found themselves chasing and ultimately cutting down a Fairy who had decided to try to make the adventurers his playthings.  Known as Shen Revik, or something very similar, his first introduction to the adventurers had him managing to pit the adventurers against one another in a sick sense of amusement at watching the combat of allies forced to fight one another.  He also visited Northwatch with the sole intent of stealing and burning the treasure the adventurers were pursuing that night.  Beyond these.  Rumors also claim he was responsible for ripping out gypsy souls and shredding them.  His defeat wasn’t solely out of greed, but the world is likely a better place without his presence.


Featured Figure – Wizard Daryoon Anairo

Commonly known as The Apprentice, Wizard Daryoon managed to be trained by not only one, but three separate famous Wizards.  Wizard Daryoon was apprenticed to the War Wizard Nadrak, the Arch-Wizard Thalomere and Wizard Rhoum, the Peace Bringer all at the same time.  Although many may call him lazy or a slacker, Daryoon is known to have several great accomplishments in his past, in fact, before the Draconic Domination of Terath Wizard Daryoon traveled to each kingdom of Terath and warned that if the war didn’t end the dragons would take action.  Because of this he is known as a powerful Seer as well as a skilled Wizard and Ritualist.  Strangely enough, despite being one himself, Daryoon is known to have a disdain for the dragons of Terath.

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