The Golden Scroll

April 220 PB

By Zyra Goldenmane


The Murderer Brandon

On the tenth night of March 220, Nortwatch was informed of a sighting of a murderer named Brandon.  He was suspected of murdering a Runeweaver named David and placing dangerous traps.  Brandon is known as a powerful user of the natural rune of Air, and could be recognized as a human with a purplish tint to his skin and field of dangerous static energy that surrounded him.  Philip of the Runeweavers requested Northwatch’s help in tracking down and capturing him alive.  Unfortunately, we were unsuccessful in our first attempt, showing up almost a day after he had left the area he was spotted in, but later the same month a handful of Northwatch adventurers managed to capture him and turn him over to the Runeweavers.  While chasing the ex-Runeweaver Northwatch encountered several interesting things, including balancing rituals and a group of fighters knowledgeable in the “Runes of Power” who had an interesting fighting style involving waving their swords around before attacking.

Amethyst Golems in Ku’Vahl

Multiple Golems made of the purple crystal Amethyst have been seen roaming Ku’Vahl performing different tasks.  A few have been spotted by Northwatch; one was spotted building something, one being crushed by a Ku’Vahl golem, and a third interacting with some sort of Eldritch Anchor, likely at the behest of Magus Arcetioumas.  Both of the first two were sacks full of what was likely parts of Ku’Vahl Golems, but their purpose seems unknown.  Luckily the first was encountered by a large group of adventurers, and the other two were beat up upon their encounters as these creations are known to be difficult to fight and should normally be avoided if possible.  That being said, with the connection of the second instance of Mystic Magic getting harder to cast coinciding with a reappearance of Magus Arcetioumas, who is known to have access/control of at least some Amethyst Golems, perhaps leaving them be is more dangerous at the moment.

Rumors of War

220 finds itself to be a year rife with rumors of war.  The military kingdom of Ebrus seems to be ramping up their normal exercises, and so are the Parthan Prides of Narovoo.  Rumors indicate that the Pride Lord FireFoot has been quietly training an elite fighting force of warriors, and that he might be planning on using these forces in raids against Northern Ebrus.  Further East rumors suggest that a vast army of Barbarian raiders from Hadrianus are on their way to raid the Ethlin Isles in this time of uncertain magic caused by The Winds of Change.  While these rumors are indeed troubling, as of yet they are just rumors, the Hadrianian leaders dispute any claims that a fleet has even set sail towards the elven isles.  If anyone has more information on if these rumors are more than that they should submit it for next month’s Scroll, and receive a bit of coin in the process.

The Winds Strike Again

The Winds of Change are an annual occurrence that sweeps across the land of Cyrillia, changing many, or sometimes few, things each time they pass.  These magical gusts of wind often change magic, people, and items, always in unexpected ways.  One year they crossed the land leaving new artificing knowledge while old knowledge was forgotten, and then another they were followed by a dark change and the first increase in difficulty of casting Mystic Magic, although this change was more a wave after the winds themselves.  It seems this year the winds are loath to leave magic unchanged.  On the twenty-fifth day of March the Winds were felt yet again, and as they have been crossing the land Magic has become harder to grasp and direct.  It is unknown if these effects will stick, or if it’s a temporary side effect that will pass once the Winds finish their changes.

Organized Undead from Ku’Vahl


Abram Danard came to Nortwatch on the eighteenth evening of March with some troubling information on sightings from Ku’Vahl.  Groups of undead have been seen around the borders, making small forays from the undead territory.  Luckily the wandering shrine Wish was able to transport a small group of adventurers from Northwatch into Ku’Vahl to an area where some of these undead were gathered.  Those adventurers were able to discover there was indeed a group of undead, moving in coordination to the sound of some music.  They also discovered Fallen to be controlling another group of undead, which were fighting the musical undead, and he gave them a banner that could help prevent his forces from attacking Northwatch adventurers in the area.

Critter Corner – Kobolds

Kobolds are annoying little creatures with reptilian features that typically show little to no intelligence.  They are creatures of the elements often able to cast one of the four basic elements. Most Kobolds that are encountered are kill-on-sight due to their being a pest and danger to those inexperienced in combat, but there is at least one, known as Krystal, that has shown surprising sentience, although he has also been imbued with strange crystal magic.

Immune to: Cleanse

Healed by: Typical Healing

Finished off by: Basically anything