Lord General Kelteth Ji’e’toh (pronounced je-eh-tow) was the military leader of the Kingdom of Falconcrest’s armies under the rule of King Aleric Falconcrest before his final death in 2011 RS. A human male skilled in the discipline of a Warmaster, he was known for his unwavering dedication to the cause of good, his fierce and cunning fighting style, and his willingness to sacrifice his own life to banish the darkness.


An elite warrior of Faloncrest, General Kelteth was a true figure of legend to all peoples, but especially those of Falconcrest. Many rumors abound concerning his actions and his nature, providing a ripe foundation for the stories of heroic deeds told to children by their parents all throughout the Falconcrest Kingdom and the Heartlands of Lairroth. It is said the General Kelteth had not only mastered the art of warmaster (possibly attaining the advanced title of Warlord), but had also attained mastery in at least two other disciplines. It is supposed that he was not only a Warmaster, but also a skilled Infiltrator and a Master Scout. Other tales place the dashing patriot of Falconcrest as winning the hearts and minds of scoundrels, oathbreakers, and criminals, redeeming them to swear citizenship to Falconcrest and to further serve the Falconcrest line faithfully. To grant credibility to these claims, it is confirmed that Xukkuth d’ Barra, a Xelaque mercenary and squad leader of Myzentius (of dubious reputation at the time), was converted to the cause of Falconcrest and had his oath of citizenship received by the General personally.

General Kelteth held many responsibilities in the Falconcrest Kingdom, beyond even his leadership over the military matters of the kingdom. An example of this was the oversight he provided regarding the Royal Guards of Falconcrest – each of these honored guards reported directly to the General himself. Also, Lord Peter Telstoff of the Heartland Kingdom named General Kelteth his successor as “Royal Magistrate of the Heartlands”, a title he resigned with the rise of the Falconcrest Kingdom in Terath.

On a personal level, General Kelteth was a known friend and mentor to King Aleric Falconcrest, a relationship they both maintained since King Aleric Falconcrest was a young man. The below quote by King Falconcrest helps emphasize the relationship shared between the two:

“I am honored to have known him and called him friend. He was a father and mentor to me in so many ways. While we are different people, I learned so much from him- became who I am today because of him. He must never be forgotten, for he has helped to shape the world we live in and made it a better place for his actions. What more could any of us wish said of us when we pass?”
– King Aleric Falconcrest

Highly respected, a number of now powerful individuals trained and worked under him, to include the High Lord Venai and the current Lord General Galathule, who was also personally mentored when he was but a Captain in the Falconcrest army, by the talented General Kelteth.
Sadly, even great men come to an end. General Kelteth met his final death on the 26th of June 2011 RS after being attacked by the leader of a tribe of warriors from Dragonheld. It was rumored the greatest fighter in Falconcrest was General Kelteth and they, according to their custom, sent their greatest fighter to challenge him, to test the mettle of the Falconcrest Kingdom. He was killed in the conflict, but King Aleric Falconcrest himself slew the aggressor.

Out of General Kelteth’s death came an overwhelming response made of the pain, sorrow, and anger of the Falconcrest people. To provide succor to the mourning masses, General Galathule announced the day of General Kelteth’s death to be a holiday, known forever as “The Feast of Kelteth”. The actual proclamation is quoted below:

“Our General Kelteth has met with his final death on this day the 26th of June 2011 RS. He was our leader, our mentor, our friend, and our brother. We will spend what’s left of this day honoring his life and all that he has done for us, for Falconcrest, and for Cyrillia. This day is now known as the Feast of Kelteth. Every year we will feast with one another and honor the lives of those who have given theirs for our kingdom. Old men forget, all else could be forgotten, but we will remember our brothers and sisters in arms who came before us.”
– General Galathule



Name: Kelteth Ji’e’toh
Titles: Lord General
Race: Human
Residence: The Falconcrest Kingdom
Profession: Military

OOG-Played By: James Bernard
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