General Kelteth met his final death on the 26th of June 2011 RS after being attacked by the leader of a tribe of warriors from Dragonheld. It was rumored the greatest fighter in Falconcrest was General Kelteth and they, according to their custom, sent their greatest fighter to challenge him, to test the mettle of the Falconcrest Kingdom. He was killed in the conflict, but King Aleric Falconcrest himself slew the aggressor later that same night.

Out of General Kelteth’s death came an overwhelming response made of the pain, sorrow, and anger of the Falconcrest people. To provide succor to the mourning masses, General Galathule announced the day of General Kelteth’s death to be a holiday, known forever as “The Feast of Kelteth”. The actual proclamation is quoted below:

“Our General Kelteth has met with his final death on this day the 26th of June 2011 RS. He was our leader, our mentor, our friend, and our brother. We will spend what’s left of this day honoring his life and all that he has done for us, for Falconcrest, and for Cyrillia. This day is now known as the Feast of Kelteth. Every year we will feast with one another and honor the lives of those who have given theirs for our kingdom. Old men forget, all else could be forgotten, but we will remember our brothers and sisters in arms who came before us.”
– General Galathule