Sir Fallen the Black is known to run one of the orders of black knights in Terath


Fallen is first known to have started adventuring in Falcon Reach. While adventuring in the town most would have referred to him as a helpful chaos. After a time that chaos turned to darkness and he became infamous. Most notably for the assassination of the King of Nadrak on the eve of his
coronation. Which he duplicated a few years later killing another son of Dulcimeer the night he claimed the throne of Nardrak. After the Dark War he moved to Terath and established his order.


Name: Fallen The Black
Titles: The Black
Race: Plagued One
Age: ???
Residence: ???
Profession: Black Knight

OOG-Played By: Scott
OOG-First Played: How long has mythic been around?
OOG-Last Played: Winterfest ’11
OOG-Active?: ???
OOG-Contact Info: