The town of Falconguard is located in the southern region of the Falconcrest Kingdom in Terath.

This frontier town stands upon a little known crossing of small roads which provide an expeditious link to the various neighboring kingdoms, for those few who are willing to abandon the safety of the more established roadways.

Falconguard, at its core, is an adventuring outpost where courageous heroes and brave explorers from all walks of life gather to plan and execute their expeditions. It is, without question, an incredibly dangerous place to call home – and yet it is a venue where adventurers can gather to barter secrets, study mythical legends, and hatch plans to reclaim lost treasures of days long forgotten.

The town is known to be a place which is much favored by the High Lord of Falconcrest, as well as The Lord General of the Falconcrest Armies. The accomplishments of the various heroic or infamous wanderers who have called Falconguard their home have drawn the attention of influential individuals throughout the land. As such, members of Falconguard’s various guilds are often provided excellent contacts for training, and a high premium paid for any special requests performed on behalf of the kingdom or various other patrons.

The town of Falconguard is currently governed by Magistrate Faigan Iscariot.

Town Structures

As Falconguard is an adventuring outpost rather than a full fledged town, there are very few stone buildings. Most of the structures in Falconguard are simply wooden huts, or occasionally even merely tents which come and go as often as the adventurers themselves.