Embla Vanir is the High Queen of Terath, Regina of Lands and Air, Most Serene Highness.

At a surprisingly young age, Embla’s father sent her to Vita City to train with the Royal Military within the Kingdom of Hadrianus. She trained with the Royal Archers, and with an elite group of monks until she reached the age of sixteen. Even more surprisingly, as her brother took over the leadership of Clan Vanir, Embla Vanir was then appointed to represent the Clan on the Synod of Five, which is one of the highest ruling councils within the Kingdom of Hadrianus.  She was later crowned as the Queen of Hadrianus at the age of 19, after her elder brother Elar was lost at sea.

The recent Vanir dynasty in Hadrianus was unique in that it has been a direct bloodline of Clan Leaders for three generations. Embla’s brother, her father, and her grandfather had all been clan head. Embla’s rise to the Throne of Hadrianus was something of a compromise, as her older brother’s dissapearance coincided with the death of the former monarch of Hadrianus. Rather than competing to become the leader of Clan Vanir, Embla vied for the Throne, and in turn gained the full support of her rivals within the Clan.

While Embla’s appointment as Queen was initially contested due to her young age, she successfully overcame all challenges to her crown with the aid of her husband, Weyland Vanir. Embla is a competent warrior, and possesses great skill at inspiring the masses, but prefers to lean on her husband, Weyland, in matters of complex dipomacy.

Weyland was once considered the fiercest ax-fighter in Hadrianus. However, a blow to the head left him deaf in his left ear and significantly diminished his ability to lead in combat. He is a human with a keen political sense and often acts as the spokesman for his wife, who prefers to speak bluntly and is known to lose her temper rather easily. Their son, Sigmund Vanir, was born in the year 196 PB. He is very serious for his age and is dedicated to following in his mother’s footsteps and becoming Vanir clan head one day.

During the last two centuries, the Vanir Clan held a firm grip on power within Hadrianus, and it was assumed that they would continue to hold their power for decades to come, until the Vanir Stronghold was destroyed by DragonFire at the end of the War of Kings in the year 210 PB. Embla and her family, along with much of the Vanir clan, were burned to death in the draconic attack. Embla, as well as her husband and their son, and were fortunate enough to return through the Circle of Life. However, nearly all the survivors of the Vanir Clan have expressed a fierce opposition to all things draconic ever since.

In the year 214 PB, Embla Vanir abdicated her claim to the Throne of Hadrianus to become the High Queen of Terath. Her son, Sigmund, was barely old enough to be considered a man, and was too young to be receive the support of the Jarls or the Freefolk and so did not ascend to the throne of Hadrianus. Instead, the throne was left empty as the Jarls of the Great Clans and the Lords & Ladies of the Free Folk began a political power struggle over who would become the next ruling monarch.

Embla idolized the late Queen Octavia Lucious and strives to be a good ruler like she was. It is known that the High Queen harbors a deep hatred for the dragons, who destroyed the cities of Terath with no concern for the weak and defenseless within them, but thus far it seems that she will not challenge them outright for fear they will do it again.

The High Queen’s Authority

The many kingdoms of Terath still bear ties to the legendary Empire of Rhoum, maintaining a loose but somewhat subservient relationship with The Emperor in Verath.

With The Emperor’s Blessing, Terath is ruled by High Queen Embla Vanir, who reigns from The Broken City at the heart of a kingdom known as The Queen’s Lands. With The High Queen’s Blessing, each of the various Kingdoms of Terath is ruled by its own monarchy, with only slightly less than full autonomy.  Generally speaking, each Kingdom is free to set its own laws, to appoint its own nobility, and govern its own people without much interference from The High Queen. However, The Queen Commands the Rhouman Guard, assists in negotiations between kingdoms, and reserves the right to call for the punishment or even the execution of any of Terath’s Monarchs should they earn her wrath.

Proclamation To The Kingdoms of Terath

The following is a record of a declaration which was made once The High Queen received official imperial recognition of her claim to the High Throne of Terath, in the year 214 PB.

Leaders & Citizens of Terath,

The Empire of Rhoum calls to Terath once more. It calls for unity, for prosperity, for peace, and for obedience. If Terath was sundered by dragon fire, then now shall it be reforged.

By Royal Decree from Her Majesty, Embla Vanir, High Queen of Terath, Most Serene Highness, Regina of The Lands and Air; the following are called to serve –

Lord Vorhil’il Celestion, as Grand Marshall of Rhoum. To lead the greatest of the empire’s soldiers, and to execute the will of her majesty throughout Terath.

High Lord Xefrom Venai, as Steward of Rhoum. To safeguard the interests of the Rhouman Empire, and to preserve the legacy of Rhoum.

King Loramus Vol, as High Wizard of The Rhouman Guard. To shepherd the Wizards of Terath, and to defend the magical fabric of the realm.

Queen Maria Pretia, as Keeper of The Lists. To wield the names and the blood, and to ensure that the ancient law is held inviolate.

Those called to serve are to be held to the highest standards of honor, as they carry with them honor of Terath, and authority of Rhoum.

In addition, her Majesty summons James West of Ebrus to stand and face execution for the crime of treason against the empire, or else to see his kingdom at war against the unified forces of Terath.

By The Will of The Crown, So Shall It Be.

Proclamation To The Great & True Dragon Cureanon

“And so we shall remember you. We will remember what you are, what you have done, and what you are capable of. We will not fight amongst each other, for we have seen a loftier purpose. My fondest dream in my short life is that I live to see the day when we can govern ourselves for the good of Terath, and need to remember your might no longer.”

Embla Vanir,
High Queen of Terath

(in response to the Great and True Dragon Cureanon)