Current citizen of Falconguard.

Former member of the Red Band of Chaos.

Ember was found in the wild forests of Il’lithoria by the members of the Red Band of Chaos at the age of fourteen in the year 209. She joined their ranks out of curiosity and because she had formed a strong friendship with The Nameless One. She followed them back to the town of Falconreach and made that her permanent home.

Ember traveled between Lairroth and Terath with the Red Band of Chaos and the other adventures who had all become her close friends and allies. She began to follow the path of the Earthwalker, receiving her first lesson from The Order of the Owl. However, she lost contact with them after getting further training from a feral druid named Daraven, after he found out she had his magical druid artifact.

About year after Ember began her life as an adventurer, something happened to her that would change her life forever. With the help of her allies, Ember was able to free a powerful creature, the Wilderkin. This forest spirit asked Ember to take up the task of protecting the wilds of Lairroth. Ember accepted the task and gained some of the Wilderkin’s power. Though she has failed a few of the missions the spirit has given her, Ember remains loyal to the Wilderkin and still tries to protect the forests of her homeland.

During the Drake Wars, in the year 210, the Adventures of Falconreach, including Ember, freed a group of powerful Druids and Wizards known as The Circle. Ember befriended a Druid by the name of Halcyon, who she began to see as a mentor. With his help, along with the other members of The Circle, the Drake Lord and his minions were defeated by the adventurers.

After the disaster of The Chronophage, Ember learned that after the death of a powerful nature spirit, The Circle was dying. Once again, she and the others entered the mysterious Crypt of the Elevens to help their allies. Ember, taking it upon herself, sacrificed her own life to save The Circle from their fate. Eating the glowing embers of a Phoenix and using an Artifact of Restoration, Ember was able to cleanse the decay that had consumed The Circle and saved them from death. She received a blessing from the Phoenix and is able to assume the form of a fire fox when she transforms.

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Name: Ember Vilkyrii (does not use last
Race: Asurkian
Residence: Falconreach, Lairroth
Falconguard, Terath
Profession: Druid

OOG-Played By:Chantell Sollis
OOG-First Played:May 2009
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