Elon Diamandis is a name that circulates frequently amongst groups of hopeful mercenaries and aspiring entrepreneurs. He is known for his deep pockets, and apparent lack of all scruples when pursuing endeavors which he has deemed to have the potential to yield ‘sufficient profit’.

Although he is best known for providing considerable funding to dangerous or risky operations (often in return for a large percentage of any gains, and a certain degree of control over the project) it is clear that Diamandis often quietly represents the interests of other silent partners when arranging mercenary contracts.

There are no reports (or even rumors) of Diamandis betraying those whom he has employed, but more than a few stories have been heard describing the painful consequences delivered to those who have attempted to deceive him. Those who renege on their contracts with Diamandis (whether due to moral objections or foolhardy attempts to capitalize through subversion) often find themselves on the harshest side of their own local laws.



Very little is known about the personal history of this individual, although it is no secret that Diamandis has friends in high places, especially within the military forces of central Terath. Rumors claim that he shows no qualms when exploiting corruption amongst nobles and military commanders, often leveraging generous bribes to further his ends whenever possible.

Elon Diamandis is frequently on the move, but is known to have a residence in Citidel, the capital of Falconcrest, as well as within Creon, the Capital of Myzentius.



Name:Elon Diamandis

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