Svalnyr was a Gypsy Elder known to have traveled through the vast majority of cities and towns in all of Terath and Lairroth.

He was one of a group of three powerful gypsies known as The Trinity Elders, who are said to be in near-constant communication with the powerful gypsies spirits known as The Ancestors. When Svalnry was murdered by the spiteful Fairy known as Pskri The Malevolent in 215 PB, the famous gypsy tinkerer Orthia Lockheart took his place as a Trinity Elder.


A Challenge To The Dragons

The following passage was written by Elder Svalnyr after the gypsy elders of Terath ended a nearly two-year period of mourning and isolation which began following The Draconic Domination of Terath.

Though we now return, we have not forgotten the blood and fire brought down upon our innocent kin by the wrathful Dragons; nor shall we. And yet there are those amongst the dragon-blooded who have sought us out in hopes of restoring friendship and keeping peace. We have heard their appeal, and declare here and now that we choose to judge each of their kind on their own merit; we choose not to make war upon them.
And yet there are those who owe a price of blood – to these we offer a choice: Step forward in your own time with your heads held high. Come seek us out so that you may make recompense for the blood spilt, balancing the scales. We will welcome you with honor. Or choose pride and arrogance, clinging tightly to the conviction that you are untouchable in your might and beyond contestation in your righteous cause. As the years pass you will find misfortune following your every step as your words of power turn to dust upon your tongues.



Elder Svalnyr was first encountered by the heroes of Falconguard near the Travelling Bazaar of Sithia in Lairroth in the year preceeding The War of The Drake, at which time he claimed to have been sent by the Ancestors for reasons unknown, acting as a broker on their behalf to sell treasures which they had claimed in their adventures.

In the years that followed, Svalnyr aided the heroes in various expeditions ranging from monster hunting in Myzentius, dungeon delving in Ebrus, participating in (and being captured during) the War of The Drake in Lairroth, to venturing into a mystical realm that is said to have been halfway between Chindius and Dreams.

Svalnyr was a marked gypsy of The Old Blood, and prior to his death, had become known colloquially as Elder Svalnyr of The Trinity, Lord of The Ellipsis.



Name: Elder Svalnyr
Titles: Lord of The Ellipsis
Race: Gypsiy (Human)
Heritage: Gypsy

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