King Dulcimere Mendax is the former king of Nadrak in Lairroth, and is currently the ruler of a minor province which carries the same name in Terath, located in Southern Ebrus.

While Mendax does not rule a Terathian Kingdom in any full sense, he is still regarded as a King descended of an ancient royal line, and is treated with deference and respect in the noble courts of Terath.

Seneschal Vasser is known to be his primary Herald and spokesperson, often arranging his personal or political affairs on his behalf so that the King may pursue his alchemical, medical, and ritual interests with greater focus.


During the Dark War King Dulcimere Mendax appeared to side with The Usurpers, but is also rumored to have infiltrated their group for the purpose of turning on them and befouling their villainous plans. Shortly afterward, Dulimere Mendax willingly presented himself before a gathering of monarchs at the court of The Broken City and submitted himself for judgment and justice. He paid a heavy toll via a soul-draining ritual execution; the price for his involvement with The Usurpers. This resulted in a new beginning for Mendax, and a clean slate in the eyes of Terath’s kingdoms.

King Mendax is a man whose reputation precedes him, but that reputation is as much of an enigma as the man himself. Now that his dark past is behind him, Mendax is widely regarded as a source of inspiration and deep wisdom, but also as a living object lesson on how affiliation with the dark arts can come at a high cost.

Above all else, King Mendax is heralded as a mighty ritual caster, as a impressively skilled practitioner of medicine, and as the greatest master of the alchemical arts in all of Terath; even the legendary White Alchemist is said to have been awestruck by the grand mastery of his talented craftsmanship.



Name: Dulcimere
Titles: King
Race: Human
Heritage: Mendax
Profession: Alchemist

OOG-Played By: Mike M.
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