The late Steward of Rhoum, Duke Vendracis controlled The Broken City, and its surrounding territory. In the years after the fall of High King Arador Kajorelle, Duke Vendracis had refused to claim the crown.

He was known to have great respect for the Path of The Lightwalker, and was said to be a capable swordsman, though some in the political arena claimed that he was a weak leader who hesitated to stand steadfast against opposition for fear of making enemies.

He fell in battle in the year 212 while defending the Broken City from the monstrous armies of Typhon.

After the Duke’s untimely death, Maria Pretia of Chindius rose to hold the title of Steward of Rhoum. She was eventually replaced by High Lord Xefrom Venai of Falconcrest when she traveled to Verath under imperial summons.



Christopher Vendracis was a powerful figure in the Terathian Courts during the final years of Queen Octavia. When Aradore Kajorelle came to power as The High King of Terath, Duke Vendracis became one of his primary advisors.

When the Duke himself became the Steward of Rhoum he declared that he would not claim the crown for himself, but was also known to directly oppose the claim of Embla Vanir, who argued that she held the right to rule Terath in accordance with ancient imperial law.

Duke Vendracis’ primary advisor was the legendary White Knight, Lord Knight Jacen Yabesh. The Duke was also said to have shared a close friendship with King Aleric Falconcrest and High Lord Xefrom Venai of The Falconcrest Kingdom. Though he clearly valued the council and friendship of White Knights, it is believed that the Duke did not consider himself one of them.