The northern realm of Terath, which is known as the home of dragons.

Important figures

Leader: Unknown

Tavernkeep Robert: The Tavernkeep of The Dragon Rhu’uvon

Tavernkeep Kalstrom: The Tavernkeep of The Great and True Dragon Cureanon

The Dragon Rhu’uvon: Little is known by the common people about The Dragon Rhu’uvon. His claim to Ebrus, Westerland, King’s Lands and Haven in Terath is almost all that most people know of him. The Dragon Rhu’uvon rules through his Tavernkeep, the Tavernkeep Robert.

The Great and True Dragon Cureanon: Known for his attack on Terath that ended the battle between the former High King Kajorelle and Falion the Red, Former King of Ebrus.

Domestic products

Dragonheld does not participate in public trade with the other kingdoms of Terath.

Relations with other nations

Tenuous dominion.

Brief known history

It has been discovered that most scholars know next to nothing about this secretive country.

5 things you should know

To be honest, very little is known about Dragonheld.