Dr. Archimedes Krane is the owner of the Prim and Proper Inn and Tavern. He is a professor that studies in the fields of science and technology. Krane is known for his abrasive behavior and daring exploits, typically centering around his selfishness and/or his drunken rambling. Despite his unruly nature, Krane has been known to take people under his wing and aid them in their business, if for anything to give him something to do.

Doctor Krane does have his uses however, and tends to weasel his way into most everyone of interest’s business. It is said that if you need something, Dr. Krane might have it. His constant run in with the law tends to make this rumor fact. One thing is for certain, don’t trust this man with anything. He certainly won’t trust you…


Current Whereabouts and Activities

In 212 a bleak incident caused a vile version of Doctor Krane to be let loose in Falconguard. After this disturbance, the newly unburdened man is rarely seen. ~V.G.


Name:Archimedes Krane
Aliases: Doctor Krane
Titles:Master Krane
Heritage:Dwarven Decent
Profession: Inn Keeper & Merchant

OOG-Played By:Paul I.
OOG-First Played:Sept. 2009
OOG-Last Played: Present Day
OOG-Contact Info: p.richard@hotmail.com