The Citadel Merchant’s Alliance is a mercantile trading network which utilizes various Falconcrest Merchant’s Guild Chapterhouses and Falconcrest Range Guard outposts to swiftly deliver production equipment and components swiftly to nearly all corners of the Kingdom of Falconcrest.

All items purchased through the Citadel Merchant’s Alliance are guaranteed to last for a duration of at least 5 months, and will be delivered within three days of being ordered.

The prices for items purchased through the Citadel Merchant’s Alliance are traditionally offered at four times the base cost of creation, although these prices may fluctuate in response to various economic conditions. However, members of the Falconcrest Merchant’s Guild may purchase a limited supply of items at a price three times the base cost of creation.

Out Of Game Note: Members of the Merchant’s Guild may purchase one item at a price of creation cost x 3 at every event. Depending upon the character’s rank and standing within the guild, they may receive  additional discounts and advantages. All items can also be purchased with Mythic Points instead of coin. Players may turn over payment for these items during check-in at any event, and must provide the phys reps and item cards for purchased items to be signed by a member of staff.