Caspien is a proud warrior and loyal servant of The Argent Tide. He holds no advanced rank in The Argent Tide, but is known for having connections throughout the organization. Caspien is considered. He is an explorer and an adventurer, and frequently travels throughout the eastern kingdoms of Lairroth.



Caspien was born in Calien when it was still under the rule of the old Vampire Lords. His family was of no significant consequence, serving as porters for one of the greater merchant houses. His family was tasked with managing certain trade routes, and he spent most of his youth moving back and forth between the Heartlands, spending a few years in one kingdom before leaving to return to the other.

He was a first hand witness to the corruption, viciousness, and foul appetites of the Vampire Lords. He was amongst the first to rise up against their leadership when Thalomere’s Ascendant Ward weakened their power. Caspien was later recruited by The Argent Tide. Since joining The Argent Tide, Caspien has spent most of his time adventuring, always keeping an ear to the ground for supernatural threats which might jeopardize the safety of his order and the people that they defend.

Notable Accomplishments

During the Calien Revolution, Caspien personally led a team of young revolutionaries into the den of one of the lesser Vampire Lords, defeating the creature’s undead guardians and destroying the vampire while it rested within its crypt.

Caspien is known to have later ventured to The Gladelands where he defeated a dark malicious fairy spirit which sought to enslave all travelers who sought to pass through its territory. He claimed from this battle a brilliant silver sword, as proof of his victory.

Caspien was also involved in organizing the joint strike against the leaders of the Drake Army during The War of The Drake.



Name:Caspien Skylark
Residence:Eastern Lairroth
Profession: Soldier

OOG-Played By:Mike McComas
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